How ya feelin?

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How much should u sk8?

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When will I see you again?

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Cool guerrilla marketing campaign for new Ghostbusters movie hits downtown SF

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Who are you going to call, am I right?

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Look at this CowBoy


A dog and a frog

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Talented cat

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An important message from a graffiti Doggie Diner dog head

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Do the math

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Ribity is back!

(Ribity of course being an integral part of Mission Mission’s original look, and of course also maybe being Megan Fox.)

Mayor of SoMa Brock Keeling spotted this one down on 3rd Street over the weekend:

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And that reminded me that former Mission Mission intern Kevin Montgomery found this one on Mission Street a couple weeks ago (but he texted it to me at 10am on a Saturday morning so I promptly went back to sleep and forgot about it):


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