Bathroom propositions in 2016 San Francisco

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Why are you tagging our shit?


Just walked past a guy (not pictured) writing a tag (not pictured) on a compost bin (not pictured) in the Mission.

And then a man in a nice suit threw open the door of his house and exclaimed, “Why are you tagging our shit???”

The tagger said, “Graf lyfe, bro,” and left.

Cryptic graffiti in the bathroom at Big Lantern

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What it means?

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A question and an answer

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Luxury vs. misery (and also nuts)

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Cheer up, lil guy

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[Photo by Nico, via It's Always Sunny in San Francisco]

Some really old graffiti on a really old Muni train


1999, says Tumblr.

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Fuck what?

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Cool guerrilla marketing campaign for Red Hot Chili Peppers tour hits local Muni bus

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UPDATE: The last time we mentioned the Chili Peppers on this blog was 5 years ago and it was also a “Give It Away” reference!

Unsanctioned graffiti (2008) vs. sanctioned mural (2015)

Our pal Many Machines takes a moment:

Top: Potrero hillside, 2008.  Bottom: same hillside, 2015.

I was especially fond of the earlier version, as it featured the work of several artists who had an outsize significance in my mind in the first few years after I moved to San Francisco.

Few things make me feel quite so bad about how SF has changed as this hideous current incarnation. [link]

An outsize number of this blog’s early posts were about Girafa. Let’s take a look: