Cryptic graffiti in the bathroom at Big Lantern

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What it means?

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A question and an answer

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Luxury vs. misery (and also nuts)

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Cheer up, lil guy

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[Photo by Nico, via It's Always Sunny in San Francisco]

Some really old graffiti on a really old Muni train


1999, says Tumblr.

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Fuck what?

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Cool guerrilla marketing campaign for Red Hot Chili Peppers tour hits local Muni bus

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UPDATE: The last time we mentioned the Chili Peppers on this blog was 5 years ago and it was also a “Give It Away” reference!

Unsanctioned graffiti (2008) vs. sanctioned mural (2015)

Our pal Many Machines takes a moment:

Top: Potrero hillside, 2008.  Bottom: same hillside, 2015.

I was especially fond of the earlier version, as it featured the work of several artists who had an outsize significance in my mind in the first few years after I moved to San Francisco.

Few things make me feel quite so bad about how SF has changed as this hideous current incarnation. [link]

An outsize number of this blog’s early posts were about Girafa. Let’s take a look:

Sad face

Messages from another world, scrawled on the sidewalk

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