Ribity at Night


So I’m totally not posting this to glorify vandalism. I’m posting it because it was sent to me by Plug1 and I’m thrilled to see he’s embracing the lo-res! Despite his considerable talent with the hi.

He saw this Ribity at U-Haul on Valencia.

2 Responses to “Ribity at Night”

  1. fsharp says:

    If a ribity was painted on my garage, I’d leave it up for a few days. Same for giraffe and the rest of the actual pictures. They’re different than a stupid scribbled tag don’t ya think?

  2. zinzin says:

    i agree 100%. hell, i’d even leave up a seamonster finger puppet. but a ribbity on your garage (or even the hallowed girafa) would (within a night on my block) spawn a whole series of stupid scribbled tags.

    unfortunately, i have to paint over any tag on my block immediately, to prevent spreading, and none of the “artists” seem to come by.

    interesting though, some of the “select spots” that have ben set up for tags. one next to bender’s. the utility box next to beauty bar. both covered in tags, but with (mostly) tag-free walls next to them.

    also, i’m gonna put a pretty graffiti-oriented mural on a big wall in front of my house. we’ll see how it goes.