Character-Driven Graffiti

Today on I Heart Street Art, we hear from graffiti gurus Steve Rotman and Chris Brennan on the topic of why San Francisco’s scene is such fertile ground for characters like Ribity and Girafa. Lots of great pictures too (by which I mean I got stuff off Flickr instead of using my shite cell phone camera):

I Heart Street Art: San Francisco’s Character-Driven Graffiti

2 Responses to “Character-Driven Graffiti”

  1. jason storm says:

    though i’m sure you idealize such graffiti as a sign of some higher intelligence or creativity, let me assure you, the kid who draws those frogs is one of the dumbest, most violent wanna-be thugs i’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing, and putting his shit up on yer alt-weekly approved blog is, i’m sure, just helping inflate his already massive ego. thanks alot.

    and oh yeah, things like donuts and coffee are not supposed to be gourmet and cost $4. y’all got it all wrong.

  2. jenett says:

    I’ve heard the same thing about this kid. I’m sure there are better and less obnoxious writers out there that deserve our praises, and not this fucked up kid.