Free Tickets: A Bunch of Local Indie Rock Bands at the Verdi Club

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I don’t know anything about any of these bands, except that Leopold & His Fiction performed a pretty solid set at that McLaren park thing last week. Anyway I’m sure they’re all on MySpace. And in any case, I think the big draw here might be having an excuse to finally see the inside of the Verdi Club. Also on the bill, food and art.

To win a pair of tickets, please explain in the comments why you want to go to this thing. Best entry will be decided by Mission Mission by noon Thursday.

For full details, check out Regional Bias.

Also, Broke-Ass Stuart is giving away a pair of tickets too.

8 Responses to “Free Tickets: A Bunch of Local Indie Rock Bands at the Verdi Club”

  1. I want to go to this show because of the Ladies’ bathroom. Seriously, one of the most luxurious bathrooms in San Francisco. Topped only by the bathroom at Bimbo’s with its’ own attendant and free perfume spritzes.

    Every time I go to the Verdi Club I try to sneak one of my guy friends into the ladies’ lounge- not as a favor mind you, but sort of as a screw you to all men for being able to piss standing up and for all my years of waiting in long lines for the women’s bathroom.

    Because I know that that one guy will send word to all his other guy friends that the Verdi Club ladies’ bathrooms has luxurious couches and huge stuffed chairs on which to rest our high heeled feet. I want him to see that yes, when we pair off in twos to go to the lavatory, we are indeed giving each other the low down about our dates and sizing up the guys in the room.

    The only way we can be trumped is by the Men’s bathroom in the basement of the Madonna Inn which has a little watermill at the latrine :(

  2. or the whale fan. says:

    Or, the Whale is a great band. Saw them with the Cave Singers last year. i want to go. is that reason enough?

  3. two gallants fan says:

    adam stephens is the lead for two gallants, a rocking duo have been in hibernation for awhile. i’m hoping that hibernation will end soon however and would like to pass that message onto him personally.
    a live two gallants performance is quite something.

  4. foon says:

    I want to go cause I deserve the mission mission free ticket hat trick. Let’s make this happen.

  5. Madnomad says:

    I don’t but since it’s free I will.

  6. Madnomad says:

    By the way you guys, we need to get together to put some videos on mission mission. Not that you haven’t thought about it, or that I understand the clever reasons you have decided not to. But there are too many people that deserve a few words in the mission and beyond…

    For example, we did that video after bush ran out of his office:

    Anyways, good luck with everything.

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