Definitely Not Banksy

Discovered by MrEricSir on Valencia near 16th.

But MrEricSir suspects Ivan Reitman’s involvement, and I concur — note the proximity to the Slimer Tree that Ariel discovered on 15th St.

If only the meters were a series of pastel colors, then we could blame Warhol’s ghost.

UPDATE: Perhaps someone is protesting, as Chicago saw last year?

Maybe it’s the shut-down-Valencia-to-cars movement embodying Burnham’s ghost — his 1905 plan for SF had two long, giant parks, one down Capp and the other along 23rd:

8 Responses to “Definitely Not Banksy”

  1. Icing the body Electric says:

    A no-cars valencia would be nice, but that is absolutely the wrong way to approach it. besides, anyone driving in this city should be forced to pay out the ass (meters 24/7).

    Oh yea, and the city desperately needs the money…

  2. Neo Displacer says:

    I love this. In the mid 90′s someone figured out how to take a Makita and a slide hammer and pop open the change bin. There was a spree of bin theft that left a large number of meters broken. I loved that then too. I find the city’s nickel and diming us pernicious. The city only needs more money becuase they are poor managers of the money they have. There are so many little examples like the headline of the Cron today said 1/3 of city employees make over 100K. Then there is poor Terry Childs, typical network nerd doing his job only to be thrown in jail for 2 years and counting at what cost? Then there are the 5 or 6 or some high number of schools that failed, including our own on Folsom at 22nd. (great mural but that can’t teach the kids a damn thing, glad we have our priorities straight.) The list goes on, MUNI, culture bus, electric car pilot, green muni shelter roof and a corrupt police lab (the real CSI!). For fux sake, SF city government is a cess pool of fail, big stinking turds of fail. Oh but let’s take umbrage with Arizona and call a boycott. I have an idea Supervisor Campos, why don’t you get your own house in order before you condemn others. You have enough problems right here in the mission. If you want a national stage to promote your views, why don’t you try to unseat Congresswoman Pelosi or Senator Feinstein

    • MrEricSir says:

      But if parking isn’t going to be a revenue-generator, why should we have parking on our public property at all?

      The land in this city is like gold. It’s worth a LOT of money. So maybe we just shouldn’t have any street parking. Why not bigger sidewalks and bike lanes?

    • MrEricSir says:

      How about we eliminate parking altogether? It’s public space, and it’s nice that the city can use it to generate revenue, but all that space could be used in many other ways.

  3. familymansf says:

    Whoa Neo Displacer,

    I’m not going to argue that the city is a big mess of fail, but don’t blame Campos. In fact, in SF, the Supervisors don’t have a heck of a lot to do with the functioning of the city. The real power rests in the Mayor’s office. Culture bus? Mayor’s office. Poor budgeting priorities? Mayor’s office. (The Board adjusts, like, 5% of the budget every year.) I’ve lived here for twenty years, moved here when Agnos was Mayor, and we’ve never had a good Mayor: neither in terms of values or, more importantly, I dare say, in terms of being a good chief executive. Let’s see what David Chiu can do as Mayor.

  4. thats my name says:

    yea man do your homework before you start playing the blame game.