Through Brian Wilson's Eyes

MM reader Kevin had the opportunity to see what it’s like to look through Brian Wilson’s eyes, or at least during the Giants championship parade this past Wednesday:

My company  sponsored a float at the giants parade and I got to ride on it…  took loads of pics and video.  Thought you might enjoy seeing/posting a video that shows the experience from the perspective of being in it…  it’s pretty insane…

Can’t wait for Lateral Geniculate Nucleus implant technology to reach the point when we can actually look through Brian Wilson’s eyes while he pitches the final strike of the World Series.  Science!


The Best Giants Riot Video So Far

My budding filmmaker buddy Nico spliced together all the great high def footage he took of the craziness last night and put it over the most appropriate soundtrack imaginable to create the masterpiece shown here.  Although the general consensus seems to be that what occurred in the Mission on Monday night following the Giants’ championship victory was not a riot per se, it’s easy to understand why anyone standing in the vicinity of these shots might be inclined to suggest otherwise.

Take a look and see for yourself to relive the memories over and over again.

Undercover Giants Gear

Just because you don’t have a Giants jersey doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun, as my rad friends Heidi and Ela demonstrate with their deceptively-supportive color schemes!

Bonus points for the DIY marching band (tambourine and a pot with a cooking spoon) to match the DIY outfits.  We had a ukulele too until we gave it to this kid:


Giant Fireworks

This was way before things got out of control.

Parking Meter Photog Perch

While that’s one way to get a good aerial point of view for shots of all the crowds out tonight, one has to wonder:  How did he get up there while holding a DSLR?

And Then They Smashed the Cab Window

While the cab was trying to get away (albeit very slowly) down Valencia at 16th.

I’m all about Go Giants, but we kind of lost it a little bit tonight, guys.  I mean, someone got stabbed and we set a bunch of shit on fire.  Keep it classy.  Act like you know.

World Series Champs!

Okay, okay. Let’s all just watch this a few more times before YouTube takes it down:

SFPD Regains Control of Mission Street

Doc Pop reports:

Cars are moving on the street again.


Helicopter Monitors the Mission

Photo by Jason Schlachet.

Backtracking a Bit

Here’s a nice shot of the crowd at Hog & Rocks immediately following the win:

Photo by Spanky.