The Best Giants Riot Video So Far

My budding filmmaker buddy Nico spliced together all the great high def footage he took of the craziness last night and put it over the most appropriate soundtrack imaginable to create the masterpiece shown here.  Although the general consensus seems to be that what occurred in the Mission on Monday night following the Giants’ championship victory was not a riot per se, it’s easy to understand why anyone standing in the vicinity of these shots might be inclined to suggest otherwise.

Take a look and see for yourself to relive the memories over and over again.

4 Responses to “The Best Giants Riot Video So Far”

  1. Bob Dole says:

    I like how people who other wise wouldnt Giants fans find a reason to come out and act like douches.

  2. KH says:

    Monday night was wild, and awesome, and ridiculous, but seeing all this crap afterward makes me embarrassed for us. I can’t believe I made it out of that mess unscathed in retrospect.

  3. Stuart says:

    A sports win is not a free pass to be an asshole.

  4. Tomm says:

    That was fun. Do we have to wait 56 years to do it again?