What do you call yourself if you’re a San Franciscan and you’re mad about how hot it is lately?

Bernie Sanders hulking out

By local comics artist Carlos Bergfeld:


Help Bernie here, and get tickets to the new Captain American movie at Alamo Drafthouse here.


Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton talk about SF burritos

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 12.37.13 PM

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Celebrate National Voter Registration Day! #SFedition

Because it’s a HELLA important time to register and to vote in San Francisco.

We’re a city that’s picky about our burritos, beers and coffee. We love our parks, our bikes, our dogs and judging people that don’t get to live HERE. And that’s why we need to make ourselves heard on November 3rd, when lots of candidates that decide city-wide policy are up for election — like the Mayor, Sheriff and District Attorney — as well as ELEVEN ballot measures, most of which — you guessed it — deal with housing and development.

We have feelings about EVERYTHING– because we love where we live and we want it to be as kick-ass as possible. So in honor of National Voter Registration Day, register online– it takes less than 3 minutes, for real. However you may feel about the folks in City Hall, registering to vote is step one in letting them know what you think of their job performance on November 3rd.

Afternoon party at El Rio tomorrow to support upstart local politicians Broke-Ass Stuart and Tom Temprano

Here’s the invite:

The Grand Ole’ Party – A Benefit Show for Broke-Ass Stuart & Tom Temprano

Donald Trump got you down? Ted Cruz have you feeling nauseous? Well ignore all that bad hair and support a couple local politicians who are running for office to show that democracy isn’t dead here in San Francisco.

Stuart Schuffman (aka Broke-Ass Stuart) and Tom Temprano have been huge supporters of music, art and culture here in SF for years and are the type of people we want to see calling the shots in City Hall and at City College. Come see some of the Bay’s best bands on the patio at El Rio and support these two guys in their quest to make San Francisco a better place.

The Grand Ole’ Party – A Benefit Show for Broke-Ass Stuart & Tom Temprano
Saturday, September 19th
Doors @ 2pm
Show 3pm-8pm
El Rio (3158 Mission St @ Precita)
$10-$20 suggested donation

w/ music from
Terry Malts
Planet Booty
Double Duchess

& Djs
Jamie Jams
Chi Chi

You can learn more about their campaigns & donate even if you cant make it by hopping to their websites –

Stuart Schuffman for Mayor

Tom Temprano for College Board

RSVP and invite your partisans!

Since Ed Lee keeps blowing it as mayor of SF, shouldn’t we just elect Frida to be people mayor of the city instead of just dog mayor?


Seems like a valid question…

Community forum on housing and transit tomorrow!

Do you have complaints about the housing crisis and public transit in San Francisco? (Let’s face it, we all do.) If so, join the SF Bay Guardian and SF Transit Riders Union tomorrow for a joint community forum on funding for transit and housing affordability.

Here’s what SFBG and SFTRU have to say about this event:

San Francisco needs more affordable housing, a robust public transit system, and fully funded social services if it is to remain an efficient, diverse, compassionate city. Unfortunately, some political leaders have pitted transportation and housing activists against one another in recent years, particularly so in the upcoming election on Propositions A, B, G, K, and L.

We’ll provide some background for you on how public transportation service and facilities are paid for, and then we’ll examine how the conflict happened, the political tactics that are being employed, and what can be done to bridge the gap along with a panel of activists and experts.

Bridging the Gaps in Transit and Housing Funding
A joint Bay Guardian and SF Transit Riders community forum
Thursday, October 9th, 6-8PM
LGBT Center, Rainbow Room
1800 Market St, SF

Steve Jones and Rebecca Bowe, San Francisco Bay Guardian

Thea Selby, San Francisco Transit Riders Union
Jonathan Rewers, SFMTA
Supervisor Scott Wiener, San Francisco District 8
Chema Hernandez Gil, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
Amandeep Jawa, San Francisco League of Conservation Voters
Peter Cohen and Fernando Marti, SF Council of Community Housing Organizations

RSVP on Facebook or non-Facebook and invite your friends and other concerned citizens!

[Thanks, Ilyse!]

Hillary Clinton high over Pop’s and St. Francis Fountain

Between visits to Twitter, Facebook, Google and Trick Dog, Hillary Clinton cruised along high above York Street, veering west at its intersection with 24th, high above Pop’s and St. Francis Fountain.

(Additional reporting by Jess Kelso.)

Why doesn’t the NObama NOtipper just step forward and become a Tea Party hero?

This picture has been whizzing around the internet all week, gaining all sorts of predictable (and merited) criticism, including the great honor of a stream-of-consciousness smackdown on Gawker. Although Gawker assumed the prickish missive must have originated in L.A., Inside Scoop reports that it came from a $37 check at a restaurant in the S.F. Westfield Center called “Cupola.”

Although the Bay Area might be a tough place to pull this kind of bullshit, I think the stingy little fucker is missing an opportunity to ride this viral news story to fame of Joe the Plumber proportions. I would gladly tune in to see this guy flesh out his political and economic theories on Fox & Friends. So how about it, buddy? Time to take the plunge and stand up for what’s right? I can’t imagine an anonymous note to an unsuspecting server in the mall is the extent of your thirst for social justice.

Struggle airing at ATA this Friday

It’s election season, and even though we take it for granted around here that California is gonna vote Obama, it’s not necessarily that simple in other states around the country.  In some places (ahem, Florida), new voter restriction measures have even made it more likely that many citizens (a high proportion of which are minorities) may not be able to get their votes counted.

The only way to move towards preventing these kind of shenanigans is to educate ourselves, and the best way to get started on that is to come out to Artists Television Access on Valencia this Friday to watch Struggle, a film by Roger Hill about what happens in U.S. elections when the forces of racism, corruption, technological manipulation and old fashioned ballot-box stuffing coalesce to deny Americans their right to vote and steal elections.

RSVP and invite your friends here, and check out all the details including the trailer below:

Struggle is a case study of the 2004 Presidential Election in Ohio, the deciding swing state which delivered the presidency once again to George W. Bush.  Diligently researched by the key contributors to the film, Struggle is a bold film that challenges the legitimacy of that Presidential Election and brings the entire U.S. electoral process into question.