City of San Francisco retracts Weston Wear citation

About half a day after Weston Wear was cited for being helplessly vandalized by the Monday night rioters (and later tagged), Weston Wear happily reports:

I guess all your nasty comments hurt their feelings! Way to go, readers! Keep ‘em coming.

Valencia protester cries, ‘down with this sort of thing!’

“What thing?”, you ask. Well, isn’t it obvious?

SOPA: Not just something delicious you can get on 24th St.

You may have noticed that many of your favorite websites are blacked out today in protest of SOPA, the epicly-clueless internet regulatory legislation currently making the rounds in Congress.  If this insanity somehow ends up passing, then any site that has comments, a forum, video streaming, or user content in any form could be blocked in the US, removed from search engines, and thus effectively destroyed on the basis of a single errant comment left by a reader.

That means that any one of you comment trolls (you know who you are) could inadvertently get Mission Mission shut down for one of your typically vile statements!  Lucky for us, MM reader Joey concocted this handy dandy flow chart to help explain all you need to know and what you can do about this business.

Check it out here.

Don’t cultivate a bicycle face

Brain Pickings has unearthed a “don’ts” list for female bicyclists in the 1890′s.  Here are a few favorites:

  • Don’t wear loud hued leggings.
  • Don’t use bicycle slang. Leave that to the boys.
  • Don’t refuse assistance up a hill.
  • Don’t imagine everybody is looking at you.

Read on.

[via PavBlog] [photo]

American fixie in Paris

According to the New York Times, fixies have just made their way to Paris. And apparently, Parisians are less snobby about them than we Americans:

In contrast with the hipper-than-thou attitude often associated with the bikes’ American acolytes, fixie riders can rightly be said to have a convivial scene in the French capital, where the bikes are as much activity as social marker. Despite the haughtiness for which this city is renowned, the community that has developed around them is uncommonly inclusive.

“There isn’t that element of snobbishness,” said Bruno Zuzzé, 33, the genial founder of Surplace, a come-one-come-all fixie club that organizes frequent group rides. Fixie owners often salute one another on the street, “like motorcyclists, back in the day,” he said.

Maybe we should all start high-fiving and fist-bumping one another on the street.

Medjool hopes to go legit with its rooftop bar

Medjool has applied for a “conditional use authorization” for its controversial rooftop bar, which was shut down by the SFPD some time ago.

Reader tack sent us this picture and adds his piece:

Personally I’m not looking forward to the roof bar reopening. There was always drunken domestic abuse outside my bedroom window at 1:30am when it was running and when the fire department shut it down it magically all went poof. I’d hate to see the drunk yuppies chewing out and threatening their girlfriends/wives return to the neighborhood. It was disgusting and tragic.

Supporters of this cause (let’s just call them ‘roofies’) will be stating their case on Septemper 8th, noon at City Hall room 400 in case you want to give ‘em what for (even though you’ve never actually, like, been to that place.)

Mission Playground adds new concrete rubble pile play area

While we were all bummed about a section of Dolores Park closing off this weekend, the entirety of Mission Playground on 19th and Valencia was reduced to a fenced-off pile of rubble. Renovations will take approximately 14 months.

At least one fellow was not happy about it:

America is the shit!

This delicate spectacle was spotted at 23rd and Guerrero, right after I almost stepped in it. If the moon landing was the greatest achievement in American exploration, then this one would be Number Two.

Save KUSF Rally Starring Ty Segall Tuesday Afternoon at City Hall

Starts at 1pm! RSVP and invite your friends via the official Facebook event page!

And to whet your appetite, check out Ty Segall’s recent guest DJ appearance on the KUSF Archives right about here.

[Photo by Dylan Bigby]


Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio? SAVE KUSF

KUSF Memories: I Am Naked

Try Not To Get Sick Before Saturday

Yeah, so I guess that whole universal health care thing didn’t really work out. Nobody wants to be a communist, after all. So what are your options now?

Rupa Marya is a local medical doctor. She also happens to be the leader of the world-traveling band Rupa and the April Fishes. That makes her a pretty darn good authority on health care and how low-income folks with no insurance (most musicians and artists, for example) can access it. She is helping organize a free presentation on health care options in San Francisco this Saturday, January 8 from 2-3:30pm in the Mission. All are welcome.

Here are the details:

++CMF–Accessing Health Care for Artists in SF++

The Community Music Forum brings you another chapter. . .A FREE presentation of how to access services available at low cost (or no cost) in SF. This session is OPEN TO ALL—not just artists but will highlight health issues that tend to be more prevalent in SF’s art scene.

We will have a representative from SF’s HEALTHY SF there to demystify the enrollment process and answer any questions you have about HEALTHY SF–if you qualify for it (you probably do), what medications and services are covered, what is not covered and how you get set up.

We will also have a list of providers available from other healing traditions who provide sliding scale services. And if you have any random health questions, there will be a handful of doctors in the house.

COME ON BY! and RSVP so we can get a headcount and make enough chai.

The Porto Franco Art Parlor is the venue for this, and it’s located at 953 Valencia Street.

[photo by kapshure]