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16th & Bryant. Good thing we're not in a drought or nothin

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Here’s a cool short time-lapse video of the Bay Bridge and some clouds


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Watch the trailer for ‘Haints Stay’, the new book by Colin Winnette

Colin Winnette is a Mission-based author who writes mind-bending fiction and mysterious non-fiction tweets.

Here is the trailer for his new book, Haints Stay, which comes out tomorrow:

Here is what I wrote about a previous book of his, Fondly:

I’m halfway through Fondly and it is a fucking trip. After reading it for a while, I’d be going about my day and suddenly have a thought like, “Trains probably don’t really exist,” and actually think this thought for like 10 seconds before realizing my error. This is a good book. [link]

Haints Stay will probably be a good book too. Some website has called it “the most anticipated independent novel of the summer,” and I’ve read about 15 pages and they gave me the creeps, made me wanna drink whiskey, made me wanna buy a gun and hop a train and learn to fight and live in the woods and listen to Tom Waits even more than I usually do — and they also made me want to read the other 198 or so pages as soon as possible. (But I can’t, because it’s not out yet.)

You may preorder it here (because preorders are good for authors, you know), and you may attend the release party (featuring food, beverages, a “campfire” and a “retelling” of the book) at Booksmith on Haight Street on Wednesday at 7pm.

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Almost like a scene from Mad Max outside Tartine Bakery

I bet you thought this was gonna be a joke about how long and unruly the Tartine line was, right?


Is punk dead?

Mission Local investigates:


Also, punk and indie karaoke at Rickshaw Stop this weekend don’t forget!

Hurtling through space at Elbo Room

As plans to replace Elbo Room with a condo complex continue to develop, I just wanna celebrate Elbo Room.

Please enjoy this mesmerizing scene from one of the video-game tabletops at Elbo Room, one of the best places in the Mission to play video games and pinball:

Nature’s lava lamp

Latest ‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ gameplay video blows up the Golden Gate Bridge

Holy crap! I guess the Sausalito ferry is gonna be extra packed for a while.

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Adam Savage’s secret lair

Adam Savage, a Mythbuster/Mission resident, recently gave a tour of his workshop and boy is it something else. This is your chance to see it before AE’s Hoarders catches wind of this video and sends in their crew:

His prop replica collection is incredible. He’s built every kind of costume, weapon, and helmet from every movie you can think of. What’s next, vehicles? I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s working on a Millennium Falcon down there.

Also, here’s one thing that you can tell right away: dude has his workflow on lock. He designed and built custom toolboxes, cases, and shelves. His tool racks are on casters, and designed to make sure every tool is immediately accessible without moving anything else. It’s seriously impressive. I can’t even organize the icons on my desktop.

Adam mentions that there’s a virtual tour on Google Maps, but the entrance is hidden as a manhole cover in the Mission, so I dug up the link for you. Let’s just say it’s probably not the actual location of the workshop, so don’t try to go down there in real life. Look how well that worked out for those kids who died looking for Ninja Turtles in the ’80s (ok maybe that was an urban legend):

Google Maps link (spoiler alert!)

Update: Called it. He is building a Millennium Falcon, along with an R2 unit:

Career advice for Thao

Thao Nguyen, of local band Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, is looking for a new career in the fun new short The Shepherd and The Guardian. Also starring local illustrator Wendy MacNaughton and local author Daniel Handler, the piece is number 7 in a series of short films made with filmmaker Lauren Tabak. Some pretty good lines and deadpanning here, especially by the kid.

You can see more from the series on Thao & the Get Down Stay Down’s media page.