Why it’s a bad idea to try to rob Viracocha

Judging from the music video of latest from Atmosphere, security seems pretty tight at Viracocha on Valencia and 21st. Keep that in mind next time you’re thinking about shoplifting that moss-covered log with the Edison bulb screwed into it.

[via Mission director and dumpling enthusiast Pete Lee]

1974 at Paco’s Tacos

Mission Local made a great new video with archival footage from 1974 and brought some of the people back to continue the interview in present day. More context and discussion on their site.

The condo complex attached to the New Mission Theater is called Vida and here is a short film about it

Basically it tells you a bunch of ways you can live your life, and shows a lot of cool scenes around the Mission, and some mockups of what the complex will look like:


[via Curbed SF]

Jewish vs. Goyish

I’m Jewish by birth, but I’ve never been completely sure what that means. I found this new video from our buddy Dan Wolf and the JCCSF’s 3200 Stories featuring Josh Healey to be pretty helpful and hilarious:

Happy almost Hanukkah!

Buildin’ condos

Quite a racket when we stumbled out of Balançoire after Haçeteria last night at 2AM:

Maybe this will get you in the mood

By Vice Records.

Buzzing Bernal

Jacob sends in a video that he captured from a lil’ drone helicopter flying over Bernal Hill and looking out over the Mission and beyond, via OverSF. Cool stuff.


It’s like 29.97 Instagrams a second!!

Tyme’s process

Street artist Tyme sent us this cool timelapse of him putting a piece up on a streetside door.

New Hot Lunch video

Local band Hot Lunch have a sweet new music video out for a sweet song, “She Wants More”. In it they use Sutro Tower to broadcast their song all over the city, shred all kinds (musical instruments and skateboards) and rock it at El Rio.

[via Gran Towrismo]

It’s so hot today, everything’s in sloooooooow motion

One of the latest from Jeff Diehl, who’s also responsible for Spots Unknown, which has featured all sorts of cool, nostalgic posts like this and this.

Damn.  Now I want some ice cream.