The Real (fake) Wolverine

Sure, they have movies at places like The Metreon, where you can get some fro-yo in the lobby, or Sundance Kabuki Cinemas where you can pay a mandatory convenience fee because they compost, or you can see a movie at The Balboa, where they show you a whole ‘nother mini movie before the actual movie! Check out The Wolverine, starring a few buddies of ours:

Peek into the crazy fun Pride party that went down at El Rio (NSFW)

Everyone’s making a big deal about Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMAs last night, but they probably would have completely lost their shit had they been at the El Rio Pride party last month. Luckily, Courtney Trouble has managed to capture all of the excitement from the party in one amazing (NSFW) video, so do yourself a favor and check it out!

Another take on hating San Francisco

I don’t know if I’ve ever been so offended while laughing out loud at the same time in all my life. Something tells me that if our good buddy Peter Shih took this tongue-in-cheek approach instead of dissing homeless people and “49ers,” he might still be able to live in this city without getting spit on everywhere he goes.

Check out the whole video for a surprise visit by the Tamale Lady (not the mural version), as well as some poignant commentary on gentrification, starring everyone’s favorite albino alligator.

[Link, in case the embedded video above is blowing it]

(Thanks Adam!)

Before & After

Cool short video piece by local filmmaker Bradley Tangonan. Tight editing.

Fourth of July fun

Please watch this video of some fun being had on Mission Street yesterday afternoon. Soundtrack by Cyndi Lauper. It’s only 15 seconds long, so do stick around for the twist ending. Click to view:

Gay wedding in a bong

I’m as happy as anyone about the recent changes to human rights laws as they pertain to same sex couples. So here’s a video of a couple getting married during Pride weekend in a giant bong.

(Thanks, EK!)

A look back at the Needles and Pens 10 Year Anniversary Show

Did you make it to the Needles and Pens 10 Year Anniversary Show last month? (Fun fact: I arrived there in a cop car.) If you missed it, a couple of talented folks over at Inventory Magazine have produced this dreamy video with some of the highlights.

[Thanks, Adam!]

Take a break from streaming Daft Punk for a second and watch this music video about some other helmet-wearing space invaders scoping out the Mission in the ’50s

It’s part Mad Men, part Mars Attacks, and takes place partially on a Mission rooftop:

Okay now go back to Daft Punk. (And sorry about the long headline.) (Oh and the band is called Date Nite.)

A short documentary about Sexpigeon

You know him, you love him: he’s Tag Savage of Sexpigeon. Lots of his early work was set in the Mission, and I for one am forever indebted to him for teaching me to see the world (and Tumblr) in new and exciting ways. (Also, he designed the Mission Mission logo and most of the custom graphics in the sidebar, and I think I’m still actually technically financially indebted to him for all of that. Thanks again, Taggo!)

Anyway, finally, somebody took the time to make a movie about him and his awesome blog. Be sure to stay tuned ’til the very end:

Two new local music videos

Back once again with some new music videos from the BAYCAT (Bayview Hunters Point Center for Arts and Tech) youth media producers. As I must mention, I happen to work at this organization, but also highly enjoy the work that these kids are producing, and since their neighborhood doesn’t have a blog like this I like to share it here.

First up is a music video made with youth from City of Dreams, a non-profit based out of the Oakdale neighborhood in Hunters Point. The video was organized by BAYCAT, produced by Zara Ahmed and Katie Cruz and was directed by the youth for a new song by Trackademicks featuring Lyrics Born. Yep, Lyrics Born. I was out when the video was shot and I’m still bummed about it.

Next up, “Looking For”, was produced by the Music Production class with Evan Adams. The youth wrote the lyrics and produced the beats, and the filmmaking class shot the video in Potrero Hill, again with Zara Ahmed and Katie Cruz. The song and video are part of the 25th episode of their show, Zoom In. This one is about the 2012 Election. You may notice the personas they chose for themselves in the video: the goth, the nerd, the hipster and the student.