New Hot Lunch video

Local band Hot Lunch have a sweet new music video out for a sweet song, “She Wants More”. In it they use Sutro Tower to broadcast their song all over the city, shred all kinds (musical instruments and skateboards) and rock it at El Rio.

[via Gran Towrismo]

Two new local music videos

Back once again with some new music videos from the BAYCAT (Bayview Hunters Point Center for Arts and Tech) youth media producers. As I must mention, I happen to work at this organization, but also highly enjoy the work that these kids are producing, and since their neighborhood doesn’t have a blog like this I like to share it here.

First up is a music video made with youth from City of Dreams, a non-profit based out of the Oakdale neighborhood in Hunters Point. The video was organized by BAYCAT, produced by Zara Ahmed and Katie Cruz and was directed by the youth for a new song by Trackademicks featuring Lyrics Born. Yep, Lyrics Born. I was out when the video was shot and I’m still bummed about it.

Next up, “Looking For”, was produced by the Music Production class with Evan Adams. The youth wrote the lyrics and produced the beats, and the filmmaking class shot the video in Potrero Hill, again with Zara Ahmed and Katie Cruz. The song and video are part of the 25th episode of their show, Zoom In. This one is about the 2012 Election. You may notice the personas they chose for themselves in the video: the goth, the nerd, the hipster and the student.

Local music videos

Two big time local musical groups have new albums and accompanying music videos that caught my eye.

Two Gallants, who started out playing free shows in Dolores Park and at 16th and Mission, released a rad video for “My Love Won’t Wait”, from their new album The Bloom and the Blight, which came out earlier this month.

Weird and beautiful. I like this use of slow motion. So far it seems like this album is a little less dreamy than their recent stuff and a little rougher, like the early work.

Switching gears and crossing the Bay, The Coup have a new album, Sorry to Bother You, coming out at the end of October. Check out this fun song and video where Boots Riley escapes the feds and bikes around Oakland, “The Magic Clap”.

I love that guy’s flow. I bet you catch yourself dancing in your seat to that sometime today.

San Francisco Love

Check out this music video that the youth media producers at BAYCAT (where I work) made this summer, shot in Dolores Park. These native San Franciscan producers (10-13 years old) wrote and produced the song with amazing Bay Area producer Trackademicks and shot the video with DP Laura Valladao. The video is part of the 24th installment of their youth-produced show, Zoom In. The theme for this one is “Only in SF”.

You might have heard that they had all of their laptops stolen a couple weeks ago, along with a lot of their work. We have an Indigogo campaign going to replace their equipment, and have been really touched with the support. They came back together and re-did the lost work, look for more of it rolling out over the net few weeks on the BAYCAT YouTube channel.

Keep Comin’ Back Around

Local band Windham Flat have a rad new Mission-based music video directed by Robin Moore (whom you may remember from that The Lonely Island-esque jokey bike rap video) of their song Keep Comin’ Back Around, from the EP of the same name. If you’ve played ping pong with us before, you may recognize their performance room.

A Shot To Remember

Check out the newest piece from Strike Anywhere Films. A mesmerizing music video that takes place on our very streets. 24th Street, to be more specific. Florence Hartigan sings “Paris” by Friendly Fires.

Hint: you’re going to want to click on the bottom right button to watch it fullscreen. How do they get that zoom so smooooth??

Notice how the amber colored haze of our pollution as it wafts across the bay to Oakland gives it a nice Tony Scott-like feel at the top of the frame.

Bonus! Check out this rad spec commercial they did. Simple and with perfect timing.

Spider: Art Show & Music Video Shoot – Tonight! (Sat.)

Doc Pop is teaming up with Mission: Comics & Art for an art opening tonight (10/16) from 6-8pm, and while you’re gawking at his art, the Doc will use you for his new music video. Here’s the official explanation:

Beeps and Smudges is the newest album by San Francisco artist/musician Doctor Popular. For the album’s first music video, we are shooting in the gallery at Mission Comics and art, and we’d love to invite you to be an extra!

Doc is creating an entire series of artwork to go along with the show that will be hung in the gallery of Mission Comics for just one weekend. We need folks to come and fill the space between 6 and 8pm. As thanks for helping out, Doc will give art out to everyone who attends. This art will PROBABLY be copies of Doc’s newest 24hr Comic Book “Space” as well as free copies of his new album.

The comic shop is at 3520 20th Street, just West of Mission. Stop by. It’s never a dull time when Doc Pop’s at the wheel.

Here’s a preview of the song, made on an iPhone!

[bandcamp track=2733343458 size=venti bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB]



We Are Special Forces (2006)

Check out this blast from the recent past. Calling All Monsters are sadly no longer with us, but their music video for “We Are Special Forces” is.

Lead singer Matthew Troy (formerly of local band Track Star and current co-owner of local shop Faye’s Video) and I lived in an apartment on Guerrero near 18th and the basement (which had some interesting history that I’ll save for a later post) served as the location for this video about the real band breaking up a party with an imposter band.

Who knows, you may recognize some of your friends at this party.  Plus, watch me get shot in the head while shredding on guitar.

Directed by Akira Boch and Francisco Hernandez.

God Damned By GIRLS

San Francisco band Girls was on the front page of Pitchfork again this morning (sorry dudes, I read Pitchfork), which led me to spend the last hour at work watching Girls music videos.  Oops!

Unsurprisingly, most of them feature SF scenery.  Here’s one I came across today that I hadn’t seen before – starring Dolores Park:

Not my favorite song (“Lust for Life” is!), but still not bad.

These dudes are getting crazy famous, so see them at the Swedish American Hall on November 20th or Bottom of the Hill on November 21st before they start playing bigger venues.  Awesome.