Local music videos

Two big time local musical groups have new albums and accompanying music videos that caught my eye.

Two Gallants, who started out playing free shows in Dolores Park and at 16th and Mission, released a rad video for “My Love Won’t Wait”, from their new album The Bloom and the Blight, which came out earlier this month.

Weird and beautiful. I like this use of slow motion. So far it seems like this album is a little less dreamy than their recent stuff and a little rougher, like the early work.

Switching gears and crossing the Bay, The Coup have a new album, Sorry to Bother You, coming out at the end of October. Check out this fun song and video where Boots Riley escapes the feds and bikes around Oakland, “The Magic Clap”.

I love that guy’s flow. I bet you catch yourself dancing in your seat to that sometime today.

3 Responses to “Local music videos”

  1. blah says:

    re Magic Clap: outstanding use of accordion.

  2. That Coup song is fantastic. Far catchier than anything I’ve heard from them before.