3D City: Accidents In Stereo

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

Film is temperamental. Old cameras can be too. I’ve been shooting on my Nimslo 3D camera long enough to have a decent pile of fuck-ups, but accidents and film aren’t always bad thing. Some of these shots had something wrong happen in developing, others were the result of the film not properly advancing. I hated them when checking them out through the loupe, but found that when I turned them into animations (the Nimslo shots 4 side by side shots at the same time), they took on a life of their own.

More shots after the bump.

Half double-rainbow all the way; what does it mean?

DocPop snapped this stunner of a shot this morning. Following the path of that ‘bow, I can surmise that the pot of gold is at Thieves Tavern. You heard it here first… just give us a cut, okay? If there’s no gold, at least you can cash in on that $5 Tall PBR + Jameson earlybird special, which is pretty much the same thing.

Choose Your Own Monster

I am loving this Choose Your Own Monster comic-thing that DocPop came up with. This design is loosely based on math-whiz Jason Shiga’s mind-bogglingly intricate Choose Your Own Adventure comics.

(click image for the animated version)

Spider: Art Show & Music Video Shoot – Tonight! (Sat.)

Doc Pop is teaming up with Mission: Comics & Art for an art opening tonight (10/16) from 6-8pm, and while you’re gawking at his art, the Doc will use you for his new music video. Here’s the official explanation:

Beeps and Smudges is the newest album by San Francisco artist/musician Doctor Popular. For the album’s first music video, we are shooting in the gallery at Mission Comics and art, and we’d love to invite you to be an extra!

Doc is creating an entire series of artwork to go along with the show that will be hung in the gallery of Mission Comics for just one weekend. We need folks to come and fill the space between 6 and 8pm. As thanks for helping out, Doc will give art out to everyone who attends. This art will PROBABLY be copies of Doc’s newest 24hr Comic Book “Space” as well as free copies of his new album.

The comic shop is at 3520 20th Street, just West of Mission. Stop by. It’s never a dull time when Doc Pop’s at the wheel.

Here’s a preview of the song, made on an iPhone!

[bandcamp track=2733343458 size=venti bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB]



Animated GIF BART Band

Mission stalwart/artist/yoyo-ist/game designer Doctor Popular celebrates the birthday of his girlfriend’s 30th birthday with an EPIC ANIMATED GIF of her playing at the BART entrance. (16th or 24th?)

(Do check out Unwoman’s brand new album The City, released just last week.)

p.s.  Also take a look at Doc Pop’s epic Pac-Man watercolor series, Ghosts in the Machines:

A Brief History Of Yo

First, an old video of Mission locals Dr. Popular and Kiya (yeah, Self Edge Kiya) nonchalantly SHREDDING on their yos while interviewing for KRON 4. (Bonus: it’s the same awkward correspondent that interviewed Broke Ass Stuart some time ago):

Next, Kiya posted this bit of history in the comments of the last Yo-Yo-related post and I thought it was too interesting not to share:

The Mission yoyo craze started many years ago when Doc moved from Minneapolis to the Mission and lived with me for a while on 22nd street.

I have a yoyo club which he’s a part of called The Consortium of Yo, we used to be sponsored by Zeitgeist and for years there was a COY x Zeitgeist yoyo you could buy at the bar that had both our logo and the Zeitgeist logo/motto on the side-caps.

Also, another bit of trivia… I named the fried pickles dish at Weird Fish/Benders, hence the name Fried Yoyos.

Doc is the Bay Area’s yoyo ambassador, 2nd Place World Champion, and a famous hair model.

Kiya: Still got any of those Zeitgeist-branded yo-yos buring a hole in a box in your garage? We must learn your ways.

Ok no more yo-yo posts this month, I promise.

A Yo-Yo Genius Walks Among Us

I started following Doctor Popular on a whim from a comment he left a few days ago. Little did I know he also happens to be a goddamned Yo-Yo wizard. Check out this bitchin’ yo executed in Clarion Alley:

I sincerely hope this starts a Mission Yo-Yo craze the likes of which has not been seen since the Duncan Yo-Yo Team toured elementary schools around the US in the ’80s.

The good doctor also happens to be a game designer, illustrator, tailor, and rapper (he produced the song in the vid too). Save some talents for the rest of us, would ya Doc?