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Mission Comics trying out graphic novel ‘rentals’

This could be cool: Mission Comics is offering credit for your used graphic novels in a new rental program. After all, who can afford to purchase 6 massive volumes of Akira just to find out you still don’t know what the fuck it’s about?

I would participate, but I keep all my comics in double-polybags with non-acidic backing boards in a humidity-controlled vault, so “reading them” is not really an option.

Get the details over at Mission Comics.

Choose Your Own Monster

I am loving this Choose Your Own Monster comic-thing that DocPop came up with. This design is loosely based on math-whiz Jason Shiga’s mind-bogglingly intricate Choose Your Own Adventure comics.

(click image for the animated version)

Mission: Comics & Art In Comics

Mission: Comics and Art‘s own Leef Smith was recently immortalized in comic form, along with two other local comic shop guys and a few old school ones. The amazing drafstman Jon Adams illustrates and writes the piece for The Bold Italic.

As drawn by Jon Adams.

As photographed by AD.

This Saturday Leef invites you into his awesome shop on 20th Street for a performance by Marian Call. Her music is rad and when you hear it you know why she’s playing at a comic book store.

Info is found here.

Drink And Draw In Honor Of Frank Frazetta Tomorrow

"Castle of Sin" 1978

Did you really think that role-playing / fantasy geeks actually give a shit about wizards and broadswords and stuff? The truth is, they are in it for the voluptuous fantasy babes. No one understood this better than legendary painter and apparent ass man Frank Frazetta, who passed away Monday.

In his honor, Mission Comics & Art is hosting a “Memorial Drink and Draw,” featuring live art, music, and models. I assume “models” means Vampirella-type female models, but it could very well mean paintable Warhammer 40000 pewter models. Attend at your own risk.

The event starts at 8pm tomorrow at 3520 20th St. More info at on their blog.

Gutter Comix For Losers

Senor Hair sent us a link to 16th and Mission Comix this morning. I checked out their site and was intrigued.  Here’s their mission (ha!) statement:

16th and Mission Comix (that’s right, gutter comix for you losers) is originally the project of the talented Cameron Forsley. He’s collected a few of us meager artists that knew him back in the day to make some comix. Drawing inspiration from the scene around us, making comix about life, about cities, about big business, brick buildings and hookers. The perfect reading material while you’re waiting for that bus that always smells like booze, where that stringy haired toothless guy takes a nap on the bench next to you and those damn pigeons are all trying to drop atomic crap bombs across your face

Just the current issue is available online, but Hair tells us Mission Comics and Art is carrying the first three.   I started reading the issue #1 online, and there’s totally a Biggie  cameo, nbd.  Check it out.

24 Hour Comic Book Day


If I made comics, I would totally crash this party:

24 Hour Comics Day is an event where cartoonists all over the world attempt to create their own 24 page comics in 24 consecutive hours.

If you are interested in taking part in this years event, please email Doctor Popular at at yoyogenius at gmail dot com with your name and phone number. Space is limited to 20 seats (per shop), so serious inquiries only, please. Additionally, we are asking for a $5 fee to reserve a space, this money goes to the shops to help cover costs.


Mission Comics and Art Soft-Opening Tomorrow


Mission Comics and Art (3520 20th St.) owner Leef Smith brings us the news:

“FYI – I’m soft-opening tomorrow Wednesday 9/2 12pm, and will have new comics. Come by and check it out, that is if you not in Morocco or something. I’m be open till at least 8pm.”

Previously on Mission Mission:

Coming Soon: Mission Comics and Art


Laura brings us news that a new comic book store is opening soon on 20th and San Carlos:

“New store at 3520 20th.  Mission Comics and Art.  Talked to owner Leef.  Super nice. Opens in less than a month! Real comic shop in the Mission! Dorks rule!”

Dorks do rule.  (Mission Comics and Art)


Cartoonist Shannon Wheeler Capitalizing on Our Animal-Sex-Related Market Research


Earlier this month, a post called Cute Cartoon Animals Fucking on Muni caused a spike in Mission Mission readership. Investigation into this incident resulted in the follow-up post Give The People What They Want: Animal Sex, dated March 3. This post detailed the fact that, according to scientific stats, people want animal sex.

Two days later, in the March 5 print edition of The Onion, Shannon Wheeler’s weekly single-panel comic strip Postage Stamp Funnies featured this gag about two dogs fucking. Clearly, Wheeler, famed creator of Too Much Coffee Man, was intrigued by our painstakingly arrived-at conclusions. He obviously placed an eleventh-hour call to Chicago and had the presses stopped in order to replace whatever strip was going to print with this newly drawn ode to doggy-style animal sex. Surely revenues are up across the board.

You’re welcome, dude.