Coming Soon: Mission Comics and Art


Laura brings us news that a new comic book store is opening soon on 20th and San Carlos:

“New store at 3520 20th.  Mission Comics and Art.  Talked to owner Leef.  Super nice. Opens in less than a month! Real comic shop in the Mission! Dorks rule!”

Dorks do rule.  (Mission Comics and Art)


9 Responses to “Coming Soon: Mission Comics and Art”

  1. Cari says:


  2. pat says:

    I wanted to post on his blog to say hey but it is screwed up and won’t take comments… so hey.

  3. Steven says:

    Heck yeah! Mission comics + Shitty Kitty 4EVA!!!

    Get some at our website –

  4. weeb says:

    yay! maybe these guys will be friendlier than caffeinated comics!

  5. Leef Smith says:

    Sorry, your comment didn’t take on the Mission: Comics & Art blog, but “hey” back =)

  6. Leef Smith says:

    BTW – the FABULOUS shitty kitty evolution window display is by telephone & soup, who are taking shitty kitty out of the Mission and into Morocco!

  7. daylurker says:

    yea! but also, needles and pens is a good shop too for comics of lo-fi sort, and the people at caffienated comics were really nice when i went in. but shitty kitty, yipee. i so enjoy you.

  8. Leef Smith says:

    Fo sure! Much props to N+P and what they do with zines, and the crew at Caffienated for trying to bring comics to the coffee drinkers. An uh um yeah, shitty kitty rulz!

  9. Leef Smith says:

    FYI – I’m soft-opening tomorrow Wednesday 9/2 12pm, and will have new comics. Come by and check it out, that is if you not in Morocco or something. I’m be open till at least 8pm.