Rumormonger: Wine Bar Coming to the American Apparel Space?

Mission Comics and Art’s blog dropped a little rumor 2 months ago** that a wine bar is looking at moving into 988 Valencia, also known as the former prospective American Apparel location:

“This particular landord has two adjoining properties that he’d prefer to lease together, if he can’t do that, lease to two separate business at the same time. Right now, he has a wine bar interested in leasing the larger space with the roll up door, which could be very complementary to my business and another incentive to stay open later then the typical comic bookstore or art gallery for that matter.” (link)

We’ve been hearing this rumor at Mission Mission for a few months now, but no one was able to ever substantiate it.  We’ve even heard talks of indoor bicycle parking at the bar; maybe that rumor is true too?

I really hope they serve Little Boomey.  That would be classy.

** Sorry, I’m such a bad “journalist.”  I should have seen this sooner.

2 Responses to “Rumormonger: Wine Bar Coming to the American Apparel Space?”

  1. Special Sauce says:

    You mean a whine bar, right?

  2. SFDoggy says:

    I have heard that someone is looking to open up wine bar and gallery space on Valencia St. Sounds good to me.