Traffic lights coming soon to 19th and Dolores (the intersection where you’re always like “Why aren’t there traffic lights here???”)

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The pier where Sinbad’s once stood is being eaten by a diesel-powered claw

RIP Sinbad's

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RIP Sinbad’s

Tranquil Dolores Park holiday weekend tableau

What’s up with this place?


Ask and ye shall receive:

[Photo by Data&Politics]

Life after Sinbad’s

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No response :(

RIP Sinbad’s :(

Jono’s show should be good though.

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View of Sutro Tower from space

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[via The great Ariel Dovas on Twitter]

Cool view of San Francisco

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(Leave the Mission more often!)

[via Eamon]

Check out this tiled public stairway that exists somewhere in SF

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[via Ana]

You live really close to Crissy Field don’t forget

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[via Paolo]

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An idyllic valley somewhere in rural Northern California? Nope


It’s actually Glen Canyon, which is basically a mellow walk away from the southern edge of the Mission. Local blog Big Old Goofy World posted the above pic and the following explanation:

An idyllic valley somewhere in rural Northern California? Nope, this is Glen Canyon in the heart of San Francisco. I never went here much as a kid — maybe because the canyon had a seedier feel in those days. It’s now been restored to glory (no doubt through the work of many dedicated volunteers). There are miles of trails and wooden boardwalks, craggy dropoffs, thickets of willows and expanses of native grasses and other plants, like these California Poppies.

Read on for more.

Here’s a map:

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