Those times when you realize you still love this place

Local blogger anadromy (who on occasion has some gripes about San Francisco) had one of these kinds of times the other day:

I took a walk up into the hills with my SLF (special lady friend) and we took a route we hadn’t taken before and we discovered this ancient-looking stone monument at the top of a winding street that looked a little bit like a tomb to me but later we discovered that it was just the pedestal for a statue that isn’t there anymore and that the place is called Mount Olympus (Mount Olympus!) and it used to be kind of a big deal 100 years ago, visible from all over the city, but now it’s walled in by buildings but from the top of it, you can still see the city laid out below you with the house-speckled hills draped like bunting and the ships lolling at anchor out on the water spinning slowly as the tide shifts and a low gray brow of fog hovering over it all like the frayed edge of an old fashioned postcard and I have to say, yeah, I fucking love this place.

Read on for more pics and story.

2 Responses to “Those times when you realize you still love this place”

  1. Melissa says:

    It’s also the exact geographical center of the city (According to Adah Bakalinsky’s stairway guide to SF)!

  2. Brillo says:

    Missed opportunity to use the word “plinth” but yeah, Mt Olympus is a cool spot.