Maybe this is just what happens with bars

Local blogger anadromy left the following analysis in the comments section of yesterday’s post about the Lexington closing maybe because the cliquiness of the clientele made it unwelcoming to a potential new generation of customers:

I don’t think this phenomenon is limited to the Lex. It seems pretty common. A bar–straight, gay or otherwise–gets popular. People attach themselves to it and form a clique-ish attitude about who “belongs” there and who doesn’t. This attitude calcifies and over time, the people inside the bar become unwelcoming dicks. (it doesn’t help that the people who give off this attitude are the type of people who spend a lot of time in bars–ie: alcoholics) Potential new customers are scared off. Slowly but surely, the bar’s business wanes and eventually, it closes and everybody laments the passing of another longstanding institution.

Yeah, that does sound familiar.

[Vintage file photo of Pop's Bar by Man Freckles]

9 Responses to “Maybe this is just what happens with bars”

  1. JohnnyL says:

    Bars close. People move on. How old are you?!?

  2. trixr4kids says:

    maybe the bar owners were tired of catering to the crowd represented by the guys pictured. i certainly wouldn’t look forward to going to work every day if that was my clientele.

  3. Greg says:

    Liver failure

  4. Pacific Standard Simon says:

    Except, you know, some bars do seem to hang on forever. Might be worth analyzing that.

  5. stop judging says:

    Owners of bars come and go yes… during the late 90′s the city put a moratorium on bars in the mission if you didn’t know.

    There was a time when you walked into a bar here and young mixed with old. Lawyers with junkies, plumbers with accountants…

    Everyone is so judgmental without knowing the facts. (depending on how far back in history you go)

  6. rory says:

    Nobody went there anymore–it was always too crowded.