Remembering Diary, and Diary after-parties

Our pal Lizzy (screaming over there on the far right), who relocated to Detroit a couple years back, but during her 6 years in SF, she had a lot of fun times at legendary Pop’s emo night “Diary” (RIP). She did a little #tbt remembrance today:

I’ve been to a lot of parties which ended because they were broken up, in college mostly. For whatever reason, it’s always going to be a little bit significant to me that the only San Francsico party I was ever at which was broken up by police was a Diary after party.

Unless someone told me something way wrong there was a noise complaint because everyone was singing Understanding in a Car Crash too loud.

Read on for a little more.

(And for a *lot* more, check out my lengthy emo-related interviews with Lizzy and Diary founder Patric Fallon from a few years back.)

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