Emperor Norton’s Boozeland, the new Tenderloin bar by the Bender’s team, opening soon

We all had a lot of good times at Deco Lounge, as this picture and these pictures prove. But things change and businesses close and new businesses open in their place. Eater SF reports:

The team behind Benders Bar has had the keys to the former Deco Lounge in the Tenderloin for a while now, and they’ve finally spilled the beans to Tablehopper about what’s going in: Emperor Norton’s Boozeland. While the name implies a wacky SF theme park, the space is actually pretty simple: rock ‘n roll, basic dive-bar drinks, and a bust of the eponymous Protector of Mexico in the former ticket window. [link]

They’ve completely refurbed the place, knocking out the wall between the bar and the dance floor (if it’s even still a dance floor), replacing flooring and electrical and more, and opening up the back patio!!! Can’t wait! (Doesn’t sound like tater tots will be involved though, sadface.)

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[Photo via Haçeteria, the epic electronic music dance party that moved to Slate Bar in the Mission when Deco shuttered, and is happening this Friday as a matter of fact]

9 Responses to “Emperor Norton’s Boozeland, the new Tenderloin bar by the Bender’s team, opening soon”

  1. Jerquee says:

    I hope they didn’t destroy that gorgeous art deco bar when they busted through the wall :-/

  2. troll says:

    ”refurbed”?!??! goodness…..

  3. avalon says:

    oh boy oh boy…
    rock ‘n’ roll!
    (aka no more license for cabaret/entertainment/afterhours)

  4. LibertyHiller says:

    I used to drink at Deco 20-odd years ago when I worked at California Hall, and have fond memories of the release parties for the zine “Frighten The Horses”; ah, for the days when BaGG was still shocking.

  5. generic_ says:

    It’s awesome you guys.

  6. turdsmcgee says:

    goodbye old ghb overdoes bar… thank god something less slimy is there now!