In light of recent events, is it cool to wear souvenir NYPD gear in public?

Lower Haight-based blog anadromy relates a tale:

I live in an historically African-American neighborhood. Unfortunately, the “historically” part of that phrase is becoming more and more the reality but it is still one of the last predominantly black neighborhoods in central San Francisco and to my chagrin I just walked by some motherfucker in an NYPD sweatshirt. It’s a nice day and I was in a really good mood coming back from the gym listening to cumbia music on my iPod and enjoying the sunshine so it didn’t register at first but as I passed this clueless dweeb I got pretty angry and stared at him with naked disapproval.

Maybe it was an NYPD Pizza sweatshirt?

Read on for the dramatic conclusion.

29 Responses to “In light of recent events, is it cool to wear souvenir NYPD gear in public?”

  1. Leary says:

    I disapprove of the logo on a person’s sweatshirt, unsuccessfully try to shame them through furtive dirty looks, harbor fantasies of them being assaulted, and then blog to no one about it.

    I am San Francisco.

  2. DomPara says:

    I wear my Space Camp sweatshirt in a historically earthbound neighborhood all the time, should I be concerned that people are making mean tumblr posts about me?

  3. ofcourse says:

    I am sure this same individual is aghast at the attacks that occurred in France.

    Having a conversation with someone, if you really feel like you must, is certainly an appropriate way to deal with the issues brought up by wearing an NYPD sweatshirt. Physical violence is not.

  4. troll says:

    Was it ever cool to wear cop gear?

  5. Brandon Cruz says:

    If you were in the SF band Crime in the late 70s, it was.

  6. A to the F says:

    Who is this loser ranting against an NYPD shirt? I hope to hell he never calls the police for help.

  7. scum says:

    I think it’s time for my LAPD sweatshirt take a trip to lower Haight.

  8. anadromy says:

    I wrote the blog in question. I don’t reread or edit the stuff I write on there at all because it’s usually lighthearted, absurd and / or too personal for anyone to give a shit about. I wish I had reread and edited the second-to-last sentence of that post before I put it up. I didn’t mean to advocate or endorse violence against the guy wearing the sweatshirt. It was a stupid thing to write. My apologies.