Would you eat a burrito you left in your backpack overnight?

This guy anadromy is going for it as we speak:

I am sorry but I am about to eat the burrito

that I left overnight

in my backpack.

To be honest, it smells a little


Stay tuned.

Best of luck! [link]

P.S. Unrelated mostly, but my favorite tag on Tumblr right now is “history of backpacks.”

22 Responses to “Would you eat a burrito you left in your backpack overnight?”

  1. MrEricSir says:

    Hunger > food poisoning

  2. En-Chu Lao says:

    Great, now he’s going to destroy his seven other roommate’s sleep by trotting back and forth from the john with the imminent case of the squirtz that he’s about to get.

  3. batman says:

    pop it in the oven at 300 for 10 min and it will ve fine :)

  4. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Depends on what was in it. If there was sour cream in it? No fucking way.

  5. This guy says:

    Stop being a baby. Most food lasts overnight. Ancient street hot dogs give you shits but most burritos. Way to be way weaker than 5billion people on earth pathetic American. fucking pathetic 1st world cretin I bet you shower every day in order to be sanitary.

  6. Greg says:

    Hells yeah I ‘do eat it.

  7. Rigoberto Hernandez says:

    Nothing worse than a soggy burrito.

  8. ashley says:

    he should have kept to the icebox plums.

  9. GG says:

    Please ask him to report back on the post-dining experience.

  10. anadromy says:

    As of 11 AM the following day, I seem to be holding up ok. (Though I do feel a little weird.) Thank you for linking–and for all your thoughts and prayers.

    I was very hungry and, at the same time, very lazy. Also: I wish I could say that this was the most ill-advised item I have ever ingested. But, alas, I cannot.

  11. spicywing says:


    sf is in favor of overnite food

  12. Sweet T says:

    I have eaten
    the burrito
    that was in
    my backpack

    and which
    you would probably
    would have
    thrown away

    Forgive me
    it was delicious
    no meat
    and no mold

  13. el jefe says:

    A better question is why would you buy a burrito and not eat it right away?

  14. Cuhsandra says:

    of course I would it eat. Typically I eat my burritos and burgers before the next morning, but you’re a pioneer.

  15. liz says:

    i get burritos on my way to SFO every time i head back to new york. they keep just fine on the plane, and cure homesickness like no other.