Mission Comics and Art Soft-Opening Tomorrow


Mission Comics and Art (3520 20th St.) owner Leef Smith brings us the news:

“FYI – I’m soft-opening tomorrow Wednesday 9/2 12pm, and will have new comics. Come by and check it out, that is if you not in Morocco or something. I’m be open till at least 8pm.”

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6 Responses to “Mission Comics and Art Soft-Opening Tomorrow”

  1. Steven says:

    Um. I AM in Morocco. But if there’s booze at the ribbon cutting Shitty Kitty will definitely be there. So watch out.

  2. beer glasses says:

    Shitty Kitty and Boozy Mouse will be attending…always a good time

  3. Leef Smith says:

    Sadness Steven =(

    SF miss you guys, fo’ sure. Just read a comic book travelogue about Morocco and feeling even more inspired to make my way there someday. Hope you’re having a fabulous time!

    Shitty Kitty is definitely, definitely representing.

  4. Garett says:

    Well, I’m not in Morocco. But it’ll still be hard to get there today from Finland. I’ll just have to settle for Moomins until my return to SF next week!

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  7. Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

    I was the first customer — yay me!

    Don’t think my money will end up in a frame on the wall, though, unless it gets broken up into singles.

  8. Leef Smith says:

    Thanks for your purchase! Glad to have a “Cranky Old Mission Guy” as my first customer! I was talking to someone later about first dollar traditions and all that later. How many stores actually get dollars bills in their first transactions nowadays?!? Can’t be many.