Monkey/Gorilla Sticker Graffiti Apes Tony Millionaire

Unless Maakies creator Tony Millionaire has relocated to the Mission and given up cartooning for street arting, somebody’s biting his shtick. Tag looks like “Ghast”. Fantagraphics ought to look into this.

Cartoonist Shannon Wheeler Capitalizing on Our Animal-Sex-Related Market Research


Earlier this month, a post called Cute Cartoon Animals Fucking on Muni caused a spike in Mission Mission readership. Investigation into this incident resulted in the follow-up post Give The People What They Want: Animal Sex, dated March 3. This post detailed the fact that, according to scientific stats, people want animal sex.

Two days later, in the March 5 print edition of The Onion, Shannon Wheeler’s weekly single-panel comic strip Postage Stamp Funnies featured this gag about two dogs fucking. Clearly, Wheeler, famed creator of Too Much Coffee Man, was intrigued by our painstakingly arrived-at conclusions. He obviously placed an eleventh-hour call to Chicago and had the presses stopped in order to replace whatever strip was going to print with this newly drawn ode to doggy-style animal sex. Surely revenues are up across the board.

You’re welcome, dude.