Cartoonist Shannon Wheeler Capitalizing on Our Animal-Sex-Related Market Research


Earlier this month, a post called Cute Cartoon Animals Fucking on Muni caused a spike in Mission Mission readership. Investigation into this incident resulted in the follow-up post Give The People What They Want: Animal Sex, dated March 3. This post detailed the fact that, according to scientific stats, people want animal sex.

Two days later, in the March 5 print edition of The Onion, Shannon Wheeler’s weekly single-panel comic strip Postage Stamp Funnies featured this gag about two dogs fucking. Clearly, Wheeler, famed creator of Too Much Coffee Man, was intrigued by our painstakingly arrived-at conclusions. He obviously placed an eleventh-hour call to Chicago and had the presses stopped in order to replace whatever strip was going to print with this newly drawn ode to doggy-style animal sex. Surely revenues are up across the board.

You’re welcome, dude.

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