Mission: Comics & Art In Comics

Mission: Comics and Art‘s own Leef Smith was recently immortalized in comic form, along with two other local comic shop guys and a few old school ones. The amazing drafstman Jon Adams illustrates and writes the piece for The Bold Italic.

As drawn by Jon Adams.

As photographed by AD.

This Saturday Leef invites you into his awesome shop on 20th Street for a performance by Marian Call. Her music is rad and when you hear it you know why she’s playing at a comic book store.

Info is found here.

One Response to “Mission: Comics & Art In Comics”

  1. who, me? says:

    The drawing captures the external Leef, but I don’t think it quite does justice to the essence of Leef, which has a crafty side. He is the only person who is able to introduce me to new comics that I didn’t know I would like.