Pabst Through the Ages

“You kids of today act like you invented liking PBR. Well guess what? We drank it during the Great Depression! It was blended 33 to 1 and that’s the way we liked it!” – Pep-Pep

This came from a breathtaking set of color photos from the late 30s/early 40s that you should check out right now. Experiencing photos from this era in color is surreal. It sounds silly, but it’s hard to even imagine color existed back then until you actually see it for the first time.

[from Denver Post via Dangerous Minds]

14 Responses to “Pabst Through the Ages”

  1. Gabby says:

    Hey Vic, Good job at Amnesia last night!

  2. GlenParker says:

    Thanks for that very interesting link.

  3. Super cool shit! It makes them actually seem like real people and not imaginary people of the past.

  4. pegmapress says:

    So cool; thanks for the link. Gotta love the comments there complaining about including “African American” as an indexing tag. Did I say love? I meant gag over…

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