Zeitgeist Infiltration

Carlos managed to snap some unencumbered photos of his friends while at Zeitgeist yesterday.  Did they get tossed out by the notoriously fickle security dudes?

Find out for yourself.



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10 Responses to “Zeitgeist Infiltration”

  1. TheSquirrelfish says:

    Clicking through on the link got me a warning that elements on the site contained malware from tittaycittay.com – Just an FYI, I did not investigate further

  2. carlos. says:

    i heard the people there a dicks but i just chilled for a bit untouched except for malware on my tittays btw i don’t know wassup with that?

  3. lady kaka says:

    titty mall wear

  4. dickinburlingame says:

    way back when, they never tripped on the picture taking, I’m talking late 90′s/early 00′s. sure the place was overrun with dotcommers then, but it was still chill to take a pic or five. i wonder why it’s not cool to take a pic now???

  5. meesha says:

    My 22nd birthday we went to zeitgeist and snapped tons of photos WITH flash without any incident, that was only two years ago… it seems like the past year or so they have gotten really strict about it…

  6. TheTens says:

    Shhhh. It is not cool to take photos there because people may or may not be smoking weed back there, which is frowned heavily upon by the ABC. And with SF’s new smoking law, even smoking cigarettes might be against the law. So, yeah, it makes sense. Delete this comment.

  7. Momo says:

    Gettin’ some bean…