My buddy Eric found the zine depicted by The Zeit Guide (hrmph, I like my spelling better) on top of a mailbox near his place.  Looks like they’re just getting started, but the zine they uploaded already contains some gems, such as:


Fast.  And loud.

If you don’t know what he just said, don’t ask him to repeat, just shout yes.  The more trouble for him, the worse the look, and the more questionable the preparation of food.

Don’t hover.  They’ll take longer and yell at you.

More tips for survival can be found here.  Let’s hope that these folks can keep it up!


Live Above Zeitgeist!

SFGATE:  Mission Bartenders Are a Bunch of Meanies

A Zeitgeist Sans Smoke

Virginia the Undead Tamale Lady

4 Responses to “ZEIT GEID”

  1. afroblanco says:

    My favorite Zeitgeist moment ever :

    After being chastised by the bouncer for sitting on a table, standing in front of a doorway, and some other minor infraction, my friend JD speaks the truth –

    “They’re pretty anal for a bar that allows open potsmoking.”

    Still, ZG is a rad place, even with the surly bartenders and bouncers.

  2. Christy Jovanelly says:

    this is rad.

  3. banana says:

    Dude! I found one of these too – the “how to” book. It’s so awesomely hilarious and true!

    I think this is them on facebook too: Zeit Guy

    looks like they are really trying to get something started here!

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