Delano's IGA on the Ropes?

Could the vultures soon be circling the dessicated carcass of the Mission’s most convenient late-night supermarket?  Inquisitive reader Ann C. expresses her concern:

I was wondering if you guys know anything about the DeLano’s on 23rd and South Van Ness supposedly closing.  I noticed they were missing produce on Monday, and I asked one of the employees if they were remodeling.  He said they were actually supposed to CLOSE THE STORE that day, but it got postponed. 

I want that DeLano’s to stay open!!! It’s convenient and it’s not a Whole Foods.  I even like that it’s not a Safeway because it’s not crowded ever, and the employees that work there are really nice.  Can you guys look into this or something?   One of the checkers told me to contact DeLano’s and try to tell them to keep it open (415-381-6700). 

Has anyone else heard anything about this development?

It wouldn’t be completely unexpected, since supermarkets not named Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s have been having a notoriously rough go of it lately, as evidenced by the recent closure of the Nob Hill Cala Foods, which was replaced by (what else?) condos.  And let’s not forget that this particular South Van Ness location used to be a Cala Foods itself once before (and a Siris long before that, but that’s a whole other story for another time):

It’s difficult to keep up with the cheap produce prices at the myriad corner markets around the neighborhood.  Casa Lucas and the like are tough to beat with that 4 for a dollar avocado special.  I think Duc Loi is still going strong, but they cover a completely different niche.  And Ann herself does admit that the place is never even crowded.

Nonetheless, I would hate to see this place go, especially because the people that work there are soooo nice, and it’s great to have a place to turn when your hectic lifestyle precludes you from going grocery shopping until 1am.

BUMMERZ UPDATE!!!  Commenter Paul Valdez says:

Yes, it is true. Checker, Michelle, told me last weekend that they will close in one week. Too bad. Yes, they were all nice and the Delano family could’ve given that location some ‘attention’…

[Photos by Romleys, who seems to have somewhat of a penchant for supermarket history]

31 Responses to “Delano's IGA on the Ropes?”

  1. M.A.C. says:

    seriously? Do you people like anything that’s in the Mission, as long as it’s not featured on Stuff White People Like? That place had crummy produce, a terrible selection and was often way overpriced. At least at Whole Foods, you knew you were being overcharged for quality stuff. DeLanos is an f’ing dump.

    • SimonSays says:

      Amen. That Delano’s was garbage. I never understood why I had to wait in line EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN time… Even with one person in line in front of me it seemed to take forever. Something was always busted.


    • k says:

      agreed, overpriced dump

  2. Scotty says:

    Say it ain’t so. Everyone that works there is so nice. Plus I asked them to carry lemongrass, and whatya know they start carrying lemongrass!

  3. l.s.c. says:

    it has gotten emptier and emptier in the past two months.

  4. Paul Valdez says:

    Yes, it is true. Checker, Michelle, told me last weekend that they will close in one week. Too bad. Yes, they were all nice and the Delano family could’ve given that location some ‘attention’…

  5. Treatrules says:

    Well M.A.C., you are absolutely right. You’ve swayed my opinion with your eloquence and spot on observations. -Ann C.

  6. Generik says:

    Cala Foods on Nob Hill has not closed, has not been replaced by condos, and is apparently not going to close. My understanding is that the deal fell through, but regardless, I was just in there a couple days ago, and they are going strong.

  7. dinnerat1am says:

    no! please, no!! i use this store almost every day. i’m a 3rd shift worker and nothing else is open when i need it- except IGA. man, this is a super bummer…

  8. candlestickkid says:

    Delano’s was a good place. Yes, the produce wasn’t the best selection in the world, and maybe somethings might be cheaper someplace else, but the people working there were friendly. It was part of a small grocer network, which indeed, does not make it Safeway. It was always open, and sometimes they had really good deals.

  9. Mission Mistaken says:

    Trader Joe’s please. Thanks.

  10. Blanche Du Blah says:

    Yeah, it was kind of a dump, but it was MY dump. Never likes the IPA stock, very weird.

  11. Alicia says:

    Delano’s was much better then Cala, I had high hopes for them. *sigh*

  12. Citer says:

    I talked to a checker last week, she told me this week would be the last week. They said the landlord has raised the rent three different times now. She also said the rumor going around was that the landlord was going to build apartments on the lot. It totally sucks, they carried just enough stuff to make it a “ohh shit we need (blank). I’ll run over to DeLamo’s (misspelled on purpose)”.

  13. Borinquen says:

    MACis right.
    Bad for the nice guys who gonna lost their jobs, but…
    Let’s turn to Casa Lucas -and similar stores- to ask them expand their services hours, at least one more hour.
    Bye, bye De’Lano, anyway you always been pa’l ano.

  14. candlestickkid says:

    I agree with Boringuen, I’d rather try and spend money at the locally owned small markets than Trader Joes and Whole Foods. Then again I don’t drive an SUV and sit in a cafe with my current web surfing device.

  15. johnny0 says:

    Viva 26th & Guerrero Market! It really is awesome, and I’m very happy I can walk to it.

  16. afroblanco says:

    OH FUCKDAMNIT!!!!!!!!!! This is like the best supermarket ever! And its like the only actual supermarket in the neighborhood. Now I get to wait 3 fucking hours for the damn 48 so I can get assraped by Whole Foods. Thanks a lot, SF!

    Yes, corner groceries are nice, but they only have like 1/3 of what I need to buy. Godddamnit!

  17. Vic Wong says:

    You guys! I’ve found the secret. Just gorge on office snacks during the day, and live mostly off of carefully rationed leftovers from family dinners. Then score free meals from playing music in restaurants and buy an occasional burrito or sandwich on the off nights. You never need groceries! Disclaimer: you must be a loser.

  18. Scotty says:

    the produce was getting better and better (and more organic) all the time. all you haters must be loaded and shop at whole paycheck in noe valley. delanos provided a much needed service: simple, affordable, no frills grocery shopping. sucks for the delano family who just closed a store last january too:

  19. will says:

    oh dudes now maybe your delano’s is different than my delano’s (castro delamo’s), but how can you mourn the closing of this place? it is physically impossible to leave delano’s without spending more than $18.58, even if you buy 1 jar of pickles and some stale bread. Horrible prices! Place has sales like once a year! i can’t wait for castro’s delamo’s to close down.

  20. monkeeknifefight says:

    So long, DeLame-o’s

  21. Amsta says:

    They carry lot’s of stuff I like. Yes it’s more expensive than other places, but that’s the price you pay for convenience: on the block, open late, lots under one roof, friendly staff. Plus their beer is cheaper than other places locally. I appreciate Delanos. And the staff yesterday said they “are not closing, still deciding what to do, and in the meantime re-stocking.”

  22. romleys says:

    Thanks For The Photo Credit!

  23. pollaasado says:

    They have now taken down the open 24 hours sign, and posted hours of 8a-8p. So they might as well be closed for me; I never shopped there before 8pm anyway.

    Didn’t the Delano family sell these stores to Ralphs (Cala/Bell) many years ago? There was some deal with Ralphs to sell them back to the DeLano family I remember seeing reported here.

  24. Olivier Bonin says:

    Trader Joes sucks. The food tastes like shit, and is overpriced. Some mexican market would be much better.

  25. maria says:

    yeah, the mission doesn’t really need another mexican market, which is where i do 90% of my shopping now. but Trader Joe’s would be awesome. is this just idle speculation or has someone heard something??

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