A Zeitgeist Sans Smoke

Details are constantly emerging regarding new legislation the city is considering that would expand the current ban on indoor smoking to include anywhere within 15 feet of entrances and exits to ALL buildings in San Francisco.  This verdict would ostensibly include enclosed smoking patios, such as that within everyone’s favorite place to get yelled at by barbacks (although a final decision on this specific point has been stalled and will be revisited in 2 weeks). 

Assuming that this zany legislation somehow passes despite its detrimental impact on businesses already weakened by the recession, what will this mean for Zeitgeist?  Do people just go there because they can smoke in the backyard?  Or is it all about the mass appeal of a sunny outdoor space for drinkers (especially since lately this seems to be an endangered species)? 

Furthermore, what will this mean for non-tobacco-smokers who exploit the freedoms of Democracy by blending in with smokers (and carrying identical implements) only as a guise to stealthily engage in, um, other activities?

UPDATE!  Commenter dave has the answer:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the only thing that can save that place is a highly publicized stabbing.

[photo (and somehow not getting kicked out of the place) by gweedo]

13 Responses to “A Zeitgeist Sans Smoke”

  1. squirrel says:

    Does it make anyone else happy that someone actually got not just thier camera, but the photo they took, out of Zeitgeist after taking a picture!!!

  2. jimbeam says:

    What about weed?

  3. no! says:

    i fucking love zeitgeist and could give a shit about getting yelled at by the barbacks. except for the bitch that complains when you tip her a buck for a drink, this is one of my favorite establishments in the city

  4. henry says:

    I always enjoy zeitgeist and have taken to pulling out my camera on purpose to watch these supposedly tough guys well up with tears upon seeing a camera.

    I was rather shocked the first time I tried to take a photo of a friend only to get yelled at for supposedly trying to shoot that lame ass elephant mural on the back wall. Who are they kidding, that thing is lame; why would I take a photo of that?

    Anyway, try it sometime, its always fun to piss off a bunch of pansy tough guys.

  5. dave says:

    The Zeitgeist had a long, good run before the twittering gentrifiers finally took over. Many fond memories. They can’t take those away. Hard to imagine no weed smoking on the patio, but that place has been taken over by the dweebs anyway. I liked it better when yuppies and twitterers were afraid to go there. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the only thing that can save that place is a highly publicized stabbing.

  6. Nick Pal says:

    OH NO a picture of zeitgeist please don’t tell the cops about this blog or they will shut down zeitgeist for exceeding the city radness limits

  7. chris says:

    Having a no-picture rule is dumber than a no-smoking rule ever will be.

  8. dickinburlingame says:

    when did this no pic rule happen? i’ve got all sorts of pics from before the the dot com bust……….

  9. Alicia says:

    The only time I’ve ever had anyone ask someone I was with to put the camera away was when they had a DSLR with a big lens. They specifically said they were okay with dinky point ‘n shoots, just didn’t want anyone not in our group to get zoomed in on.

  10. Charles says:

    As someone who quit over a year ago and now abhors smoking (really, it does stink to high heaven, makes my lungs seize up when I inhale it walking by a smoker, etc).

    This is fucking lame.

    Will I still go with a smoking ban? Of course, it’s always been the backyard BBQ party of the place that draws me too it. The fact that I could smoke was just an benefit.

  11. Victornne says:

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