Street Art Hits Home

Gurnek S. laments:

This past Saturday my roommates and I threw a party in honor of our beloved Emily’s birthday (sweetheart roommie).  The party was great, everyone was having an awesome time, but some schlub decided to tag our bathroom door.  Completely uncool.  I’ve never been vandalized by a guest before, so I’m really disappointed.  We maybe had as many as 50 people at one point, but they were all pretty much good friends with a few exceptions.  I’ve attached a pic of the pathetic tag and I’m hoping you might post it.  I have no delusions about finding this schmuck, but maybe if you put his tag out there someone will recognize it and tell this guy he’s a total douche.

Hear that, tagger guy? You made somebody sad. Maybe now you’ll rethink your life and go back to art school. Or just hold out until you get a paid gig painting a sign for a local business.

21 Responses to “Street Art Hits Home”

  1. bad case of missionitis says:

    what a schlubbie schmuck…

  2. marco says:

    Oh! Tagged your property? I thought taggers were just *the best* on this blog. Oh wait… that’s only if they’re tagging someone else’s property.

  3. alley says:

    Is that even paint? It looks like shit.

    Just paint over it and stop your bitching.

  4. greg samsa says:

    what a fucking asshole (the tagger, that is). If his identity is discovered, please post his photo and address.

  5. greg samsa says:

    Wow – hey yeah – Alley – fucking awesome. Lets ride our fixies around the mission, drink some pbr, and then drive in your lexus suv back to your mom’s house in larkspur and chill out. Fucking douche. Get a job, sir. The bums lost.

  6. Matt says:

    This party wouldn’t have been around 20th and Capp, would it?

  7. Manuelito says:

    haha, greg samsa thinks he’s clever

    i can’t believe no one ever thought of making fun of fixies and pbr before!

  8. joe says:

    230 entries tagged “graffiti”. LOL

  9. noone says:

    HAMR PIGS crew, he’s pretty good at graffiti actually. that’s a douche move tho and that tag is fucking awful

  10. candlestickkid says:

    don’t you recognize that tag? It sladebunny! I would peel that wall section and frame it. probably worth 10g’s at least.

  11. no.thanks. says:

    i blame the jewnigraricans for this one. all of them.

  12. daftfad says:

    Hhhmmm…does that say MB on the bottom? I wonder if that’s my lame-ass roommate’s doing.

  13. M.A.C. says:

    going around and writing a made up name where ever you can find empty space is fucking dumb. Writing it in someone’s home after they invited you in is fucking lame.

  14. jeez! says:

    dude you guys need to chill! Its like you never threw a party in the city before or something! If you don’t want this to happen move out of the mission/the city or just don’t throw parties

    • M.A.C. says:

      yea take a fucking chill pill dude!!! clearly you don’t invite people into your house in the Mission if you don’t want them to write dumb shit on your walls.

  15. igottagged says:

    a guest at a party i had once tagged “ozone” on our artwork, on our porch, all up and down the street on other houses, AND through the bathroom window to the house next door. unbelievable.

  16. big kid fun says:

    I find it really intresting what an effort you put forward to make it clear to other people that you have this deep connection to san francisco and that you guys are activly part of the culture with in this city or at lest with in the mission, when in fact almost everything you do is focused around a community of naive transplants whose presence is in effect making it more difficult for those who grew up here, who have a deep bond with this place and are doing cool stuff in the city (IE who you wish you were, dont lie) to keep doing what they do.

    You guys contribute nothing but smarmyness and sarcasm and all you do is leech the life out of our culture.

    • Vic Wong says:

      WTF, is there an echo in here? If you’re gonna post zingers at least put some effort into it and don’t just ctrl+V some old stuff.

      At least you find the blog “really interesting”! I’ll take that as a compliment.

    • +++ says:

      “doing cool stuff” … because writing your name on someone else’s stuff totally makes you cool.