Legitimate Graffiti

So perhaps this is the only acceptable form of graffiti?  It’s hard  to categorize a mustachioed unicorn as legitimate, but if tagging up the Sketcher sign can incur such community vitriol, then I suppose this is what we end up with.

Stopping by to check out a punk rock party at someone’s house (nice work bands!  more DIY shows please!), I noticed that a whole apartment wall had been dedicated to just let taggers do whatever the hell they wanted.  Fantastic idea, but I could have done without the acrid aerosol odor permeating the whole place.  And all the Fubar.

Of course, Y2K Beavis made it all worthwhile.

7 Responses to “Legitimate Graffiti”

  1. Vic Wong says:

    Holy shit! Maybe this was an eviction party!

    Betcha they lost their security deposit.

  2. bigkidfun says:

    I find it really intresting what an effort you put forward to make it clear to other people that you have this deep connection to san francisco and that you guys are activly part of the culture with in this city or at lest with in the mission, when in fact almost everything you do is focussed around a community of naive transplants whose presence is in effect making it more difficult for those who grew up here, who have a deep bond with this place and are doing cool stuff in the city (IE who you wish you were, dont lie) to keep doing what they do.

    You guys contribute nothing but smarmyness and sarcasm and all you do is leech the life out of our culture.

    Im sick of having everything cool in this city ruined by dumbfuck financially-secure individuals like you…

  3. beetheist says:

    Jeez if you love Honkus