Now In Lavender Corduroy

Now In Corduroy

Spotted on Valencia Street. Adding this to my collection.

Corduroy Detail

UPDATE: Levi’s ad campaign. I am a tool.

7 Responses to “Now In Lavender Corduroy”

    • Ariel Dovas says:

      I’ve been duped! Thanks for the heads up.

      • britta says:

        it’s a weird campaign. people only know it’s related to levi’s if they google around a lot.

        and it doesn’t make me want to buy anything, but i like how it looks out on the street! kinda non-harmful. i like how it’s been tagged up too.

        and i imagine levi’s is wrapping stuff it bought for the purpose (or borrowed from staff)…

  1. orki says:

    Yep, I saw a purple bicycle in front of Ritual this morning. I’m curious of Levi’s is just paying locals to wrap up their bikes, then lock them in front of fashionable establishments, or if someone is literally wrapping the belongings of others in corduroy?

  2. seatedbather says:

    Looks like Levis IS behind the corduroy project- and they have a fun scavenger hunt.

  3. whir says:

    My gosh, what fun! Thanks so much for the link to another Levi’s ad!

  4. gregory says:

    kudos to whoever got levis to pay them to do this. nice work liberating some corporate capital.