The Modern San Franciscan Has Real Boobs and Lives in the Mission

Local artist Mike Giant has a solo show opening in Milan next week. This diagram just might be part of the fun. (Click to enlarge.)

Accurate? How many of you girls wear panties? Fuck on a first date? Hate television? (Even Glee?)

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Mission Hipster

41 Responses to “The Modern San Franciscan Has Real Boobs and Lives in the Mission”

  1. Bob Dole says:


  2. Erik says:

    Forgot to include the saggy gut that they pretend isn’t there.

  3. Mission Mistaken says:

    Wide load. Proceed with caution.

  4. kingtubby says:

    Mike Giant can draw for sure, but I feel embarrassed for him with this thing.

  5. hep says:

    i don’t understand, they forgot “lived in ohio until she was 22″.

    where is the represent for the natives? oh right, i forgot, there are only 20 of us. i really wish people would stop moving here from flyover states and trying to define what “san franciscan” means.

    • Adam Gutterman says:

      +1 on the “lived in Ohio” part. -1 on the cranky “represent the natives, yo” BS.

      • johner says:

        yeah seriously hep aka “SF native”, unless you were part of the Muwekma Ohlone tribe then at some point some your ancestors came from ohio too…ohio meaning the rest of the world of course…

  6. Amelia says:


  7. Neo Displacer says:

    please make it stop I promise I’ll never do it again, just make it stop

  8. khritter says:

    Hep = yes. Also, isn’t the title of this drawing “I can’t get laid in San Francisco”? Good thing misogyny is in right now (and thanks for calling women “girls” – awww).

  9. C-LO says:

    If people didn’t move here from flyover states, then just who would you mock to make yourself feel superior?

    You act like it’s some sort of personal achievement that your parents conceived you in San Francisco.

    Here, I’ll make a picture of a native SF’er:

    O <– drop's "Native San Franciscan" every 30 seconds

    hep Says:

    February 16, 2010 at 10:56 am
    i don’t understand, they forgot “lived in ohio until she was 22″.

    where is the represent for the natives? oh right, i forgot, there are only 20 of us. i really wish people would stop moving here from flyover states and trying to define what “san franciscan” means.


  10. Glenparker says:

    “Fucks on the first date”? Guess I need to get out more…

    • Bob Dole says:

      Ok thats the only part that fails. We all know SF girls dont put out.

      • generic says:

        I have to take exception to that.

        All the other cliches aside, I’ve always felt the um, permissiveness? of SF girls was very much a true thing relative to most other major cities.

        I think they default fuck on the first date … if that date is going really well. Yes?

  11. kristen says:

    I’m sorry, but you know this girl is pretentious as fuck.

    as for the “native san franciscan,” I grew up in the East Bay ‘burbs and don’t pretend to be a native, but when some asshole who moved here 3 years ago from Austin tries to “educate” me about all the great, “underground” things my Bridge & Tunnel-bred ass doesn’t know about, I look around for sharp objects in the room I can end my life with.

    • Chyeah says:

      Best post of thread. SF needs more Californians and less douchebag midwesterners, its being overrun pretty bad right now.

      • whir says:

        Uh, Austin is not in the midwest last I checked, and frankly assholes are assholes whether they are from here or elsewhere. Nobody chooses where they’re born, so why don’t we all try to judge them based on what they do instead?

    • get ‘em, girl. don’t take no shit from “outta townerz” what my pa told me.

  12. theknocks says:

    As a woman, living in the Mission, I’d say this is spot on.

  13. aim says:

    I don’t even know what this is… it certainly does not represent me or any of my very diverse group of female friends.

    The “modern San Franciscan woman” *I* know is intelligent, independent, open-minded, fun-loving, politically and socially active (because they care about their city), environmentally conscious but not obnoxious about it, sexually enlightened but not slutty, doesn’t have one “defining” look that describes all, and lives any-which-the-fuck-where they please in the city because they’re not pretentious enough to think that you’re only cool if you live in a certain neighborhood.

    If this is really what Mike Giant thinks then perhaps he needs to get his head out of his ass and his ass out of the Mission.

    • frank reynolds says:


    • cstreets says:


    • haha, Ok. this has gone a bit far? is anyone here familiar with ANY of Giant’s art? that aside, who here can’t see how light-hearted this is? more of a mildly funny way of detailing a few Mission cliches and Tattoo references. NO BIG DEAL. this is not some flawed technical diagram of an actual archetype/window into the shallow, sexist soul of a world-class LOCAL artist. the only thing he forgot to add was after fucks on a first date “takes offhand comments too seriously”

  14. Chyeah says:



  15. dmz says:

    Right on. Bump on the ‘Prefers PBR’ and ‘Fucks on the First date’ Ha!

    Is Detroit a fly-over city? Guess so.

    Girls (yes Girls) seem to have more hips in the Mission which is great.

    Does it bother anyone else that locals refer to my adopted hometown as “the Mish”? Makes me want to push a stroller into oncoming traffic.

    This was great. Keep it up.

  16. eggglasses says:

    jesus this is all genuinely funny in a hellsa ying yang sort of way.

  17. ptp says:

    I have very important opinions about neighborhoods and contrived authenticity and where people are from and augh shoot me in the fucking face

  18. ThatGirl says:

    Wow, haters. You’re on the Mission Mission blog bagging on the Mission? You have more time on your hands than I do, that’s for sure. How about writing your own blog and celebrating your place and/or lifestyle instead of being a scrotum about mine? It’ll make you happier, I promise.

    p.s. Midwestern boys rock! Keep moving here! You’re delicious!

    p.p.s. Bloggers on the site- Love love love it! KevMo got a bad rap. You’re all fabulous!

    • danielle says:

      i, personally, can identify pretty significantly with “the modern san franciscan” character, and if she did live in ohio til she was 22 i’ll betcha the only things she misses now about the midwest are 1. her family and 2. those midwestern boys.

  19. Zack Brewer says:

    people born here who are still here have probably only lived in one place, right? even if that place is SF: lame. also, many who have moved here are refugees from a place that wouldn’t accept them (e.g. midwest). adversity builds character, yo. all the interesting natives of SF probably grew up in “the ghetto”.

  20. josh f says:

    Someone forwarded me this a few months back, and I randomly came across it again. My take is and was very different than what has been said so far in this thread.

    I took it as a tongue and cheek commentary on dating in the city, from a guy’s perspective. For a certain type of SF male, it’s the perfect woman. She exists, but is rare, and her mere existence makes it hard for mere mortal women to measure up.

    I can also see the commentary on the city’s female population (they used to be so much cooler, artistic, etc.) but I view that as a lesser theme.

    I realize this thread is killed, but I felt it worth commenting. Happy indian summer!

  21. campbell says:

    actually, you I rarely see cyclists in SF (especially the hipster type, as depicted in this drawing) wearing a helmet. Apparently it isn’t cool. Apparently, the possibility of being hit by a car or bus & suffering a brain injury is way more cool & edgy. The tattoos are perfect… the mark of a hipster who thinks he/she is advertising their nonconformity with outre tattoos, when in reality they wouldn’t be sporting tattoos unless they were indeed what they are: conformists! I would say the opposite of the previous poster… such women aren’t rare, they are as ubiquitous as squirrels

  22. Olly says:

    I’m afraid I just don’t see the point of this: it’s not clear whether it’s supposed to be a satire or celebration of current trends, and either way it’s not insightful nor pointed enough to be anything more than lame. Double F fail. Nice draftmanship though.

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  24. cTo says:

    I know this girl, she served me coffee at Ritual once. All I could think while looking at her was, “Stop purposely looking like my fat, spandex-wearing, bespectacled, late-80′s self–the self that I was hopelessly mocked for for most of my childhood–on PURPOSE you ignorant idiot!”

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