San Franciscans

Usually I read Herb Caen quotes and I’m like, “Whatever, old dude!!” And don’t get me wrong, I totally still had that reaction when I read the following, but it did give me pause:

Some people become San Franciscans almost immediately, feeling the poetry, sensing the specialness, seeing what makes the city great, boning up on the history and walking the streets with glamorous ghosts at their elbows. Others can live here all their lives and never get the message.

It’s cute I guess. But is it this black and white, or are there lots of in-betweens? What of the people that feel the poetry only after years and years? What of the people that think they get the message but really don’t? And those that see what makes the city great but are still compelled to leave? (Like our buddy Katherine who posted this quote earlier.)

And which are you?

Photo by Luc Kordas.

4 Responses to “San Franciscans”

  1. Bob Dole says:

    No, there is no room for transplants.

  2. chalkman says:

    reading Herb Caen in the Santa Cruz mountains is why I wanted to move to SF….

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