Smart kid

Smart Kid


Street MEAT

Adding to the collection of odd stuff locked up on the street. I’m sorry, I just can’t stop showing you these things. But we’re accepting submissions! If you can really wow us you can win a weird interaction where the MM staff chain you to a pole and pretend it’s funny for a little too long. Oil up your peepers and start looking!

Once again. Cart/segway/wheelchair. Cart/rolling basket. Mug about my girlfriend. Tire. Construction thing dressed up in corduroy.

But they got the car

An ongoing search for the oddest thing to be locked up on the sidewalk.

Now In Lavender Corduroy

Now In Corduroy

Spotted on Valencia Street. Adding this to my collection.

Corduroy Detail

UPDATE: Levi’s ad campaign. I am a tool.

Cart Security

They Got The Contents, But Not The Cart
Seen today on 22nd Street near Bartlett. I seem to be working on some kind of collection here. Does anyone else care to contribute?


Locked Up Wheelchair