Cars ‘n’ trees


Local photographer Melissa has been getting some real good cars ‘n’ trees lately



What it’s like to own a car in the Mission

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More “red carpet” Muni/taxi lanes coming soon to the Mission?

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Ooh boy, 16th Street gonna get even gnarlier! The Examiner reports:

Muni’s latest experiment, the “red carpet” transit-only lanes has split San Franciscans’ opinions, but now the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is contemplating at least 50 new streets to play host to the transit lanes.

Bus riders and numerous studies say they’re a boon to transit, speeding up the previously molasses-slow buses and trains during commute hours. An alliance of homeowners and merchants, however, decry the lanes for making traveling by car more difficult, potentially driving away customers from mom and pop shops.

Read on for more of the story and the complete citywide map.

Hand-painted Warriors- and SF sports-themed cool old Honda Accord for sale


Bernalwood reports:

Now this rolling monument to San Francisco civic pride can be yours, because a sign on the window says it’s for sale. According to the cashier at Precita Market — a friendly gent who is also the vehicle’s authorized sales agent — the car is owned by a nearby neighbor and can be had for $1500, very negotiable.

Beneath all that amazing paint lies a 1990 Honda Accord with straight bodywork and a 2.2L engine. It appears to be bone-stock, apart from the custom paint job, and a quick peek at the interior revealed it to be in good condition.

Read on for more info and pics.

[Photo by Telstar Logistics]

What’s important

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Mondrian Volvo station wagon


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Cool way to watch the Warriors


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Cool Volvo

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If you whine about parking in SF you’re just not getting creative enough

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Cool Uber

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