Legit Rap Song About Volvo Station Wagon

Grynch rules!

(Thanks, Will!)


Volvo, Volvo, Volvo, Volvo, Volvo, Volvo, Volvo

Remembering the Fell Street Offramp

6 Responses to “Legit Rap Song About Volvo Station Wagon”

  1. Ferocious Foot Odor says:

    Its not only legit, its “Marin guy whose upscale ex-hippie mom gave him her Volvo” legit.

    It opens up so many disappointments and opportunities versus the skate board you grew up on, that Volvo does.

    But its still a just a Volvo. And the Chinese own Volvo now. Get down with that concept, rapper hipsters.

  2. Icing the body Electric says:

    ah ferocious, why so upset?

    as a past 240 owner, that went straight to the heart :)

  3. youyouyouwhy says:

    you know what freestylers in NY do to chaps like this out west? Take any subway lines that connect you to
    the A,C line
    then EXIT Nostrand

  4. SergDun says:

    oh wow another boring rap song from seattle, dudes from there are still trying to do 1998, fuck stop trying to recreate Walkman Rotation

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