Car vs. Mission Street produce market

Our pal Beth stumbled upon this action late last night. Here’s more: “As I was turning right onto 25th from Capp Street I saw a man in handcuffs and neckbrace outside of an ambulance. Perhaps he was involved.”

OMG the Mish was on the scene too, and they spin a more colorful yarn:

At around 10:00pm tonight a trio of youngsters were spotted joyriding around the mission in a stolen car.  They tried to do donuts at 26th and Mission but ended up crashing right into Casa Guadalupe #3 where they only sell day old “pan”.  After the accident, the culprits ran into Lilac Alley and changed clothes. [link]

[Photos by Beth LaBerge]

5 Responses to “Car vs. Mission Street produce market”

  1. manymachines says:

    There’s been a rash of joyriding car thefts in the Bernal/La Lengua/GP area since the start of the year. I wonder if this is the same culprit.

  2. scum says:

    Did the cops come because of the donuts?

  3. Fiid says:

    Clearly this was caused by cyclists.

    Hope everyone is OK.

    * This is a joke.
    ** Apart from the everyone being OK bit.

  4. rhonimra says:

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