Sick unintentional YOLO number plate

(Pretty sure it’s unintentional.) (They call them “number plates” in Australia.) (For lots more Aussie, see my handy guide.)

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How many PBRs can a hipster BMW drink?

Well, I suppose that’s settled.

What’s the deal with all the flat pigeons recently?

If you’re sticking to the sidewalk, you may not have noticed them quite as much, but they’re tough to miss when you’re bicycling through the grimy streets of the Mission, as it behooves you to watch where you’re going lest you end up with a rat caught in your spokes and decapitated all over your unwashable jeans.  I mean, pigeons are notorious for not giving a fuck, but you can usually count on them to get out the way before getting squished, as seen in the highly-scientific video below:

My take on the situation?  Prius prevalence.  Without a loud, inefficient, gas-guzzling engine to warn of their approach, electric vehicles are difficult to detect before they get too close, unless you happen to see them directly.  Almost every pedestrian or cyclist has experienced that one time when you just assumed it was safe to cross the street or merge into a lane because you didn’t hear the whiny rumbling of an oncoming electric car, but luckily looked right before stepping into certain doom.

So think about that the next time you’re thinking of purchasing an electric car.  You may think you’re saving the environment, but you’re really pulverizing the poor pigeon population!

A brand new Ferrari parked in front of a recently-failed furniture store as a bike zips by

Welcome to the Mission.

To be fair, that furniture store was outrageously expensive, unless of course you were in the market for a $2500 couch.

Coyote 666

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Hey Mini Cooper, what do you love?

Well then.

How to not get a DUI

Try some good old-fashioned reverse psychology on them with your own six-pack mural!

BMW vs. Muni bus – AGAIN!

Jk, it’s the same one as last time, from a new angle. More here.

Seriously, how difficult is it to park your vehicle in a parking spot?


Granted, the driver of that red sedan has merely picked a selfish spot to wait in their car, but those two trucks behind him have no excuse. Just because the guy in front of you parks like a jerk doesn’t mean you have to as well! And since these marked parking spots are already enlarged to accommodate your massive gas-guzzlers, there’s really no excuse for failing to stay between the lines. DO BETTER NEXT TIME.

Ok, that’s enough Stanely Roberts for one morning. I’m gonna go listen to ABBA all day to celebrate the Supreme Court’s strike down of the Defense of Marriage Act and last night’s inspirational filibuster in Texas! Prediction: there will not be enough champagne in the city.

This hippy totally wasted their money on the personalized license plate

I guess “A HIPPY” was already taken.

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