Horrorcar ☠☠☠☠☠

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Everything you ever wanted to know about parking in San Francisco

Definitely check out Helen’s latest infographic for the Bold Italic: Parking by the Numbers

Talking SFPD cop car is creepy

The absolute WORST way to start a road trip

As our pal Michael notes, “That tape player has been steady freddy for like 20 years!”

[Photo by Jack Ipekjian]

Here’s a DeLorean hovercraft cruising around San Francisco Bay

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Super chill (passive aggressive) no-parking sign

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$138,000 Maserati looking for parking near Trick Dog accidentally drives into a Muni maintenance trench

Bummerdude ;)

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When your Uber is a Tesla

But was it awesome?

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3D photograph of a tipped Smart Car

See the SFist report “Local Pranksters Are Flipping Smart Cars for Kicks” for the story.

See Doc Pop‘s weekly Mission Mission column “3D City” for more 3D fun.

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Canine motorists are just as frustrated by all this traffic as you are

“So do you think you can hurry up and move along, buddy?  Just trying to get home over here.”