Lamborghinis and Ferraris zooming down 24th evoke 1985 in the Mission

I just wish that they would actually stop at stop signs…

So I could at least get some non-blurry pics.  To make matters worse, the poor lady across the street dropped her avocados when she was startled by the thunderous roar of the woefully inefficient but sufficiently masculine engines.

Ah, fuck it, I’m not gonna lie.  I’ve wanted one myself ever since this.

10 Responses to “Lamborghinis and Ferraris zooming down 24th evoke 1985 in the Mission”

  1. wait says:

    i don’t get it…

  2. Felix Lee says:

    Very cool cars to zoom down the street.

  3. bellpeppernostrils says:

    i hate that dudes Ferrari with a passion.

    its super (forgive me for saying this) rice’d out

    carbon fiber wrap on the hood
    yellow light covers
    tow hook in the front

    its his money so whatev, but still

    • En-Chu Lao says:

      Nah, this Horsey got rice’d out by a butthole in the Sunset who plastered his entire Ferrari with stickers such as Castrol, ELF, etc. Nothing says shit-for-brains like two-buck stickers on an expensive car.
      I was stopped at the light on Lincoln Way and 5th Avenue when he turned west on to Lincoln.
      Too bad these companies don’t have a screening process.

  4. roller23rd says:

    On another note – I saw a bearded chubby Teck-Dork in a Ferrari the other day and dude could not drive it for shit. It actually hurt me to see him use such a fine machine in such a shitty manner. Look rich guys, learn to drive the cars you buy or buy the cars you know how to drive.

    +1 on the rice’d out – although it looks more Euro trashed to me.

  5. TinyTim says:

    So much for Google buses (so 2012). Personal luxury trans is the thing. But one is red, the other blue.
    Isn’t this norteno vs. sureno?

  6. someJuan says:

    Oh no! The Mission is turning into Dubai.

  7. Carl R says:

    I think the red one was pulled over by a Sheriff SUV Sat. morning about 7:45 on 101 just south of 280

  8. Kiarki says:

    Simple little fellas. Voom! Voom! Me have car! Voom!

  9. Chalkman says:

    I’m absolutely stunned by the number of $100K+ cars I see parked in the Mission, particularly on 18th st or Valencia