Human Devouring Tree


On Friday, the Examiner suggested that SF residents take “time to enjoy your own back yard” by going to beaches, museums and other shit like that.  What a smashing idea!  I took a stroll through the Lower Haight because, generally, if it’s not the Mission, I don’t go there.*

So, thank you, SF Examiner, because had it not been for this suggestion, I would have not seen this KILLER TREE.

* I mean, who has time for other neighborhoods?  Long distance relationships don’t work. I won’t even look at girls who don’t exist in jpg form.

(In completely unrelated news, my parents also had an encounter with a Killer Tree yesterday.)

5 Responses to “Human Devouring Tree”

  1. kkr says:

    so bummed i missed you.

  2. tsbene says:

    Haha wow…that’s both crazy and awesome at the same time.

  3. MarkCooper says:

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