The Unresolved Love Life of Evelyn Lee, new neighborhood bar coming soon to Potrero and Mariposa

It was beloved as Sadie’s Flying Elephant, it was beloved as Mission Hill Saloon, and no doubt it’ll be beloved yet again as the Unresolved Love Life of Evelyn Lee, which is what the bar at the base of the hill at the corner of Potrero Avenue and Mariposa is gonna be, starting in a couple weeks.

Jay and Oliver from Dear Mom and their pal Michael from Thieves finalized the deal in the last couple days, and Jay called today to tell us the good news. The plan is this: Mission Hill Saloon will have a big closing party this coming Sunday night, they’ll shut down for a couple weeks to paint and clean and improve the bathrooms, and the new place will open the second week of March. And they’re gonna do “some fun stuff with food” possibly involving their pals from Wise Sons.

What’s up with the name? Jay and Oliver do not like boring bar names, and they have a good friend named Evelyn whose love life seemed to warrant commemoration.

I love Mission Hill Saloon, but I can’t wait!

[Photo by Google Maps]

82 Responses to “The Unresolved Love Life of Evelyn Lee, new neighborhood bar coming soon to Potrero and Mariposa”

  1. Christine says:

    Yay nicer bathrooms!

  2. no cal says:

    As long as they leave the riff raff at Dear Mom’s, it’s all good in the hood. Let Dear Mom cater to the legion of 20 somethings, and lets keep Poterero and Mariposa in the hands of those a bit wiser, miser, and jaded.

  3. Jen says:

    So, what are we all ACTUALLY going to call this bar? Because there is not a snowball’s chance I’m ever going to ask someone to meet me at “The Unresolved Love Life of Evelyn Lee”.

  4. Tico says:

    Lee’s, of course.

  5. scum says:

    That has to be one of the most stupid names for a business I have ever heard. Lets hope the hipsters will be to lazy to climb the massive hill.

  6. Dizzer says:

    As long as Jay’s waffles are there, I’ll be there!

  7. parisa says:

    dear mom’s 2 blocks from home, and this place is 2 blocks from work…. maybe the universe is trying to tell me something.

  8. Ariel Dovas says:

    Who is surprised that Thieves are stealing all of our bars. DUH.

  9. sandy says:

    It’d be called Evelyn Lee’s. Duh.

  10. tastr says:

    This has to be a joke, right? And where the fuck are they gonna make food? They don’t even have a license for that.

  11. Helen Tseng says:

    All I want to know is whether they’ll still have BAGS!

  12. No fish today says:

    More booze for our livers, yay.

  13. Manny says:

    1) I’m sick of obnoxiously cutesy business names.

    2) This is on the Potrero Hill side of Potrero and therefore not in The Mission.

    • Manny says:

      Let a blog about the Potrero Hill Neighborhood cover this story

      • Allan Hough says:

        I say everything west of the freeway is the Mission. More importantly, the Mission is more than a arbitrary boundary — the Mission is a state of mind, man. But most importantly, go fuck yourself.

    • und1sk0 says:

      although this is not a strict rule, the general consensus among the born and bred is that pot hill is east of the 101. so anything all the way up to san bruno counts as the mission.

  14. Allan Hough says:

    Who is Evelyn Lee?

    • Posting Evelyn’s bio is irresponsible. This should be removed.

      In regards to this bar being tainted by the neuvo-Missionites, well who cares? I lived next to Sadie’s some 14 years ago and for those that do not remember it was a sh*t hole and so is the Mission Saloon. Change is inevitable. I have never understood the omnipresent almost instantaneous provincial attitudes adopted by transplants (which almost everyone here is). Get over it. It is a bar owned by locals following their dreams. If you want to bitch direct your energies towards the Chase Bank that is quietly surfacing at 299 Valencia – also the site of new freeway architecture luxury condos.

      And lastly VIVA EVELYN LEE. Love that lady.

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

        Uhhh.. If your name is going to be attached to a fucking bar, and you have your bio on a publicly accessible website, then there is nothing “irresponsible” about posting a link to that bio.

        • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

          I mean, it’s all of five notches down in a google for “Evelyn Lee San Francisco”, hosted on a relatively prominent local blog, for god’s sake.

    • Jay Beaman says:

      Evelyn Lee was the madam of a brothel on 3rd street (close to where the ballpark is now). She murdered her first two husbands, lost the third to consumption and the fourth ran off with a legless irish prostitute named Connie Mack. She died of a laudanum overdose in 1871 at the age of 42.

      • Tiny Tim says:

        Sorry–not the history I learned about her. Evelyn Lee was a resident of a single room in a building next door to the aforementioned brothel. Her building and her room were often mistaken for one of the prostitute’s rooms. Evelyn kept having to say no, until she finally gave in, realizing that she could accumulate a fortune without paying the madam.
        She literally and figuratively (OK SNORG Tees?)hid her considerable earnings under her mattress. Within about 4 years, she had saved enough to buy the Cornichon Mansion at 21st and Harrison (later bulldozed to make way for a tea garden). Many suitors were enamored with her, but she finally settled on a man named Connie Mack, of baseball fame. Mr. Mack later left her to manage and own the Philadelphia Athletics. She was heart-broken.

  15. mg. says:

    The best part of this is that I actually know Evelyn Lee.

  16. ryan says:

    all you people are fucking nuts.

  17. DIGWeirdchix says:

    51 replies to a banal post crazy fools.

  18. resident says:

    This sucks.

  19. kidney bingos says:

    What the fuck, have these bar owner kooks just discovered Optic Nerve or something? Terrible, terrible, terrible name for a bar. It’s so unbelievably twee that it will no doubt attract the hordes of spineless 20 something transplants that they’ll need to stay afloat. I feel embarrassed for anyone that sets foot in the place.

  20. truth says:

    Who the fuck dreams of having a home featured on design blogs? And people say the Mission isn’t a yuppie paradise. (Sorry, I mean Potrero Hill)

  21. resident says:

    I can’t imagine having enough money to just throw it at a bar with such a fucking ridiculous name.

  22. Thomas says:

    Another bar gets a pretentious makeover and a pretentious name.

  23. jmw says:

    dear neighborhood territorialists,

    remember when that whole area was called the “multimedia gultch?”
    it was nearly beginning to catch, like nopa, but then that little dot come bust happened…

    and that’s probably when all you mission vs. potrero quibblers started moving into the area, trying to claim it as your own, and calling it by whatever name makes you feel cooler.

    who the fuck really cares? it’s missionish. also potreroish. and yes, it’s all changed quite a bit. and say what you will about hipsters and gentrification, all I know is that having more follks around makes that blighted strip of street a hell of a lot safer.

  24. Rodge Urr says:

    They used to call it, “North East Mission Industrial Zone” or NEMIZ for short.

  25. saboteursf says:

    i feel bad for the evelyn lee that currently resides in SF. poor woman.

  26. missionbunny says:

    It was called Mission Hill Saloon – which makes it ok to be considered the Mission. It was a cool dive bar, too bad it’s gonna be turned into a hipster dufus spot. RIP MHS.

  27. one says:

    The most fun part of reading these comments are the ones that go on about the new provincials. The new provincials’ are fun too.

    The name is so cloying my tongue turned inside out.

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