Gold-plated Lambhorgini

This looks like 3rd and Harrison. I assume he was looking for parking near Trick Dog and ended up way out here.

Anyway, yes, gold-plated Lambhorgini.

[via available1ight]

10 Responses to “Gold-plated Lambhorgini”

  1. Marco says:

    Where are the Anarchists when we need them?

  2. marc says:

    Actually he lives near that intersection. I know this coz this dude lives in my building. (One Rincon Hill)

    I suppose the car is nice, but its much too flashy for my tastes.

  3. JohnnyL says:

    I’m just here to judge people I know nothing about.

  4. Chalkman says:

    the complete shift in cars that get parked on Mission streets is the most visible change I’ve noticed in my almost 20 years in the mission. First it was new SUVs in the 90s, then new sports cars and sedans, now super-luxury cars. I can not imagine how long a car like that would have survived intact on my street in 1998.

    • JohnnyL says:

      Some of it can be attributed to people feeling safer about their cars not being vandalized and/or shat on.

      • Chalkman says:

        I’m sure that is part of it, but I think it has got to be driven by the sheer wealth that has moved in…..aren’t there probably 9 more of those in a garage for every one you see parked on the street. I had two different lotus convertibles parked on my block the other day

  5. another car says:

    There’s a silver I think Aston Martin floating around town too. I’ve seen it at the Blue Bottle near Mint Plaza & the Bed Bath & Beyond.

  6. RedPill says:

    Would you like it in douche ah bag ah gold? Or would you prefer it in ah teal? Douche ah bag gold it is sir!

  7. Steve says:

    It’s not gold-plated, it’s a shiny film appliqué

  8. JimmyShoez says:

    funny watching techies park there cars on my street off of 16th.

    first they read/reread the street cleaning sign no less then 5 times, then check and recheck if their car is locked and then..and only then do they walk away with their yoga mats, but not before looking back like a parent leaving their child at preschool for the first time.

    often seeing them drive/park or navigate the bart/muni its as if they all came from mars before landing in the mission.

    oh yeah and my favorite of course is how they look around when they are hiding all their valuables in one place… the trunk!

    the crooks/drug fiends just love consistency.