Car Beat: A Studebaker!

Whenever I see a cool car around the neighborhood, I take pictures and send them to my pal Eric up in Portland who runs Other People’s Things, my favorite car blog. He responds with some knowledge and we post the results here and it’s called “Car Beat.” Here’s what Eric has to say about this little beauty:

That’s a nice car you found, looks to me like a Studebaker Lark Convertible. Very nice. Probably one of the most versatile designs from Studebaker, it had a ton of different variations; they even used the front end from the B-pillar forward in their pickup truck, the Champ.

Thanks, Eric!

And now:

3 Responses to “Car Beat: A Studebaker!”

  1. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Gorgeous, though my favorite is still the Mid-50s Studebaker Commando.

  2. simon stark says:

    that car fucking rules!