Google buses are out of control

Our pal Inna saw her life flash before her eyes this morning:

Ok not even funny anymore – I just had a terrifying moment with a Google bus turning from 24th onto valencia that nearly killed me and one other person. We had the green light still – it was very clearly green, and he just plowed into the intersection. Cars stopped and honked, people screamed, and even google’s minions waiting in line to board the thing looked up from their phones.

I don’t even know what to do – who do I complain to? Who will listen or care? It’s simply not safe for these gigantic buses to have complete reign of the streets. It’s a terrible feeling to not feel welcome in your own city- this is the icing on the cake.

I also experienced a harrowing moment last week while biking north on Valencia approaching 25th Street.  One of the behemoth buses pulled up alongside me and then tried to beat me to the stop on the NE corner, almost pinning me to the sidewalk.  Luckily I was able to maintain control of my bike and sprint past it, but damn!

I don’t drive, but if I did I would be livid with these buses.  I routinely see a tech bus chilling at a green light waiting for another tech bus in front of it to finish its business at the stop located across the intersection.  So imagine you’re stopped behind a bus at a green light and it just sits there for a couple minutes while the lights cycle through, and finally when the first bus is finsished unloading or dropping off or whatever does that green-light-chilling bus cross the intersection and awkwardly pull over in just enough of a diagonal to continue blocking the street.

Did we really kill the 26 Valencia Muni just so these giant out of-control buses could run wild?  I know it’s a broken record at this point, but just remember that these buses are another example of something that incoveniences (and sometimes endangers) the public and whose only benefit is increasing profit for private companies (by enhancing their recruiting efforts and employee productivity).

Essentially, all the buses really do is transfer the extra minutes that their employees would have to wait if they took regular public transportation along to everybody else.


Mega Bass Man is here to destroy us all

Be wary of the Sonic Boom!  Our pal Dr. Eric barely made it out alive!

What the hell is happening here?

Stokerland flying wheels. Check it out.

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Motorcyclist with selfie stick documenting trip across the Bay Bridge

This photo was tweeted to Willie Brown, CalTrans, Conan O’Brien and this blog. #goodcompany

(Thanks, Joanna!)

Do-it-yourself selfie stick

There’s the selfie stick:

And there’s the do-it-yourself selfie stick:

It’s probably good for your core, too.

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Is this washing machine broken or is it just happy to see you?

[Photo and title by the legendary Melly G]

Sometimes readers really like to chime in on Facebook

Over the weekend I published a post called San Francisco nightlife “hot spots,” then and now. For a Sunday afternoon post, it got a lot of attention, especially on Facebook:

Soooo, follow Mission Mission on Facebook if you wanna take part ;)

LOL Look at this weird old dude eating hipster ice cream

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Drone’s-eye view of 4th of July fireworks in the Mission

Holy cow!


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Drone poem

Bernalwood today did a great post about drone politics, and there’s a pretty great discussion going on in the comments section too, but commenter “queenie” stole the show with this epic piece of poetry:

The leash-less dawgs are all a-bark,
HARK! — there’s a spy in the sky above the park!
Out from the cafes, out from the homes,
the Bernalites look up and see DRONES.
They’re buzzing up a storm of infernal noise,
military-esque these ain’t no toys.
Camo-clad controllers, moms and dads with strollers,
in the same damn Bernal bubble,
you know there’s gonna be trouble.
Some say it’s fine,
some say it’s good,
taco-copters to deliver my take-out food!
but you know you’re gonna pay
when your taco lands
in some un-picked poop
in the playground sands.
So welcome to the future
and expect to see more
How do you like dog crap
with your Al Pastor?

Welcome to the future, indeed! Good work, Bernalpals!

Read on for lots more discussion.

[Photo by Mat]